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Nickelback - All the right reasons

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Roadrunner Records
Genre: Post Grunge
Producer: Chad Kroeger
Artist discography


Nickelback?s 5th album will be out next week and since the 3rd huge selling "Silver side up" came out in 2001 - lots of people have been waiting for every new album to hit the stores and you can all relax coz the sound and style on "All the right reasons" is very similar to the previous "The long road".
Expected I would say coz why change a winning recipe?!

The album opens with the uptempo rocker "Animals" which sounds like a perfect opening song on their upcoming world tour.
"Fight for all the wrong reasons" follows and this is a heavier track with a nice pumping bass on the verse,the chorus is not a direct hit but every hardrocker out there will be pleased.
3rd out is the new single "Photograph" that feels like a sister to the last 2 hits "Someday" and "How you remind me",this new one is good but not super.
Next in line is another adrenalin rocker with a slow verse and hard hitting chorus,"Next contestant" will do fine in many carstereos.
Following song is a typical Nickelballad,"Savin? me" sounds like the back up plan if the first single wont work coz I smell a hit for miles but will they really release another slow song?!
Next out is yet another ballad and even if "Far away" sounds a bit different compared to the previous track,what is the point of putting two ballads together on an album? Anyway,it?s a good song that in fact gets better the 2nd time you hear it.
On "Someone that you?re with" the band cranks up the tempo again and this one feels like a typical album track,nice beat on the verse but it?s just another average rocker.
Track 8 "Follow you home" is one of my faves,the drum intro is excellent and the fat riff that comes and goes in the song will kick your ass - bigtime hardrock boys and girls!
"Side of a bullet" can be one of the band?s heaviest tracks ever,downtuned to the max and it?s pure joy to listen to the axework on this metalized mutha.
A piano opens the next song "If everyone cared" which truly sounds like something Bon Jovi could?ve recorded back in their heydays,powerballad the AOR way.
Closing track is the southern style of rocknroller "Rockstar" that is more fun to listen to than it is actually good,this one should?ve been released as a bonustrack on a single instead.

Nickelback are one of the leading bands within this genre,with this album they won?t leave the throne - they?re still standing strong!

Tracklisting 1. Follow You Home
2. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
3. Photograph
4. Animals
5. Savin' Me
6. Far Away
7. Next Contestant
8. Side Of A Bullet
9. If Everyone Cared
10. Someone That You're With
11. Rockstar
12. Photograph - Live In Atlanta
13. Animals - Live In Atlanta
14. Follow You Home - Live In Atlanta
15. Never Again - Live In Atlanta


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