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Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-02-14 Year: 2006
Label: Jive Records
Genre: Metal
Producer: Colin Richardson
Artist discography


If I say emo/metal from Wales,most of you start to think of Funeral for a friend and Lost Prophets but heres another band to add to that genre - Bullet for my valentine will release their full length debut tomorrow in Europe.
The U.S release wont be out until early next year on Trustkill records,this quartet made an EP on Visible noise last year and then were picked up by Trustkill who released the EP recently with one more track and named it "Hand of blood" instead.
3 tracks from that EP are included on this new album,they are "4 words","Hand of blood" and "Cries in vain" - also included is the new single "Suffocating under words of sorrow" which I cannot see how it will put this band on the map of rock coz even if the song is good,its no hit!
The label and the band couldve decided on another better track coz there are a few to pick from.

The album starts with an intro that couldve been something Metallica have written,then the opening track "Her voice resides" takes over with hammering bassdrums and Slayer-sounding guitars - good song.
Screamo Emo served ladies and gents.
Second track is "4 words" that was originally recorded for the Hand of blood EP,the song sounds like Iron Maiden meeting Eighteen Visions - explosive modern metal!
4th track "Tears dont fall" is more melodic and gives the expression heavy emo a new meaning,this one me likey!
The Megadeth smelling "Hit the floor" features awesome machinegun guitars and a chorus that reminds a bit of Ill Ninos "How can I live".
One of the highlights is the mighty "All these things I hate" that goes from a calm verse to a powerful chorus.....ohyeah,this one will be a fave among many rockers out there!
Then a couple of non-melodic screamo metal tracks comes along,neither one of "Room 409" and "The Poison" feels especially fun to listen to.
Solid album but nothing exceptional.

Tracklisting 1. Intro feat. Apocalyptica
2. Her Voice Resides
3. 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
4. Tears Don't Fall
5. Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do)
6. Hit The Floor
7. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)
8. Room 409
9. The Poison
10. 10 Years Today
11. Cries In Vain
12. Spit You Out
13. The End


Melodic Net Comments 

Another Bullet Fan
I LOVE THIS FREAKIN ALBUM!!!!! Their best imo!! And correction here: 1) They're a BRITISH metal band (Yet they are welsh I think) 2) Fuck me SIDEWAYS!! THEY AREN'T EMO!!!

bullet for my valentine , and avenged sevenfold kick ass
2007-03-26 22:18:08

Bengt Rist
Kaj, labels does not matter too much to me either, and the differences between the genres seems to get more narrow every year, and I am sure that you can find bits and pieces on this record that sounds like the EMO genre. For me, the EMO genre is the extended melodic arm of punkock, referded to of many as punkpop, but its also refered to as a subgenre of hardcore and indie(this just if anybody wonders what we are going on about). It would be stupid of me to argue what Emo is, since the term has been debated for years by the music industry without realy getting recognised as a genre. However, BFMV "the poison" is in my opinion easier to put in the metal genre or even the hardcore genre, just to avoid misunderstandings:-)

Bengt, well don?t we all think differently of music. What is EMO anyway? you could label BFMV as hardcore or metal too.....I don?t mind.

Bengt Rist

Great Album reviewer, u suck ass, Go bullet

listen on spotify