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Winger - Winger

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 1988-08-10 Year: 1988
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Hard Rock,  Progressive metal
Producer: Beau Hill
Artist discography


When I realized this record will be turning 29 years old in August I just had to do a review of it. Knew I had to pay respects not just to the band for its longevity but to their totally underrated debut album.  

'Madalaine' is a song that took awhile for me to get but it grew on me as it went along. It begins with acoustics and breaks out into a heavy electric guitar strong vocal frenzy. Reb is absolutely on fire on that 6 string on this track.  

'Hungry' has always reminded me a little of Led Zeppelin in the beginning but switches up to sound a bit more like Def Leppards earlier material. 'Hungry' is a song that leaves all who listen to it "hungry" for another track. 

'Seventeen' is the song Winger is best known for and there is no doubt after hearing it as to why its a classic. The listeners ears will be filled with delicious guitar hooks and in your face vocals to match. The bands hard rock and fun side really shines on this song.

'Without The Night' believe it or not is my favorite track off this album. It is the softest of all arrangements but I think it showcases how perfect classical properties play a role in the foundation of Wingers song structure along side their heavier stuff. Very surprised it wasn't used in a soundtrack of a late 80's movie because I could totally see it fitting in nicely. 

'Purple Haze' is a well done kick butt cover of the beloved classic by the one and only Hendrix. One can't help but head bang to the funky guitar breakdown introduction and kick their feet to the beat all the way through. Kip adds great feeling to this song with his rough yet all in vocals. To be honest I like this cover better than the original version.  

'State Of Emergency' first time listening to this I was unsure of how I felt but after another go when that guitar broke in I understood it.

'Time To Surrender' is another song that reminds me of earlier Leppard material like that off the Pyromania album. It's not too heavy but not to soft on the ears. It's just right. 

'Poison Angel' is the fastest of all pieces that really grabs ones attention. The band goes all in on this one. 

'Hangin On' is not a bad track but I never have cared much for it. 

'Headed For A Heartbreak' is the 2nd fine example on the record of how classical music is deeply rooted into the formation of how Winger goes about writing. You can really hear how some of Rebs guitar sections can easily be translated over to orchestra if you really dig deep.  

Not sure if many have noticed but if you look at the bottom right corner on the front album art you can see the word Sahara. Turns out the guys were originally thinking of going with it for the bands name but after finding out it was taken they just decided to keep it in for fun.

This album in my opinion sums up the energy of the last wave of hard rock and progressive metal that came out of the 80's music scene.

All of Wingers work can be found on various medias!

Tracklisting 1. Madalaine
2. Hungry
3. Seventeen
4. Without The Night
5. Purple Haze
6. State Of Emergency
7. Time To Surrender
8. Poison Angel
9. Hangin On
10. Headed For A Heartbreak


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