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Winger - In The Heart Of The Young

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 1990-07-24 Year: 1990
Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: Hard Rock,  Progressive metal
Producer: Beau Hill
Artist discography


Wingers 2nd album In The Heart Of The Young is totally underrated! 

'Can't Get Enough' has always raised me up off my feet and got me moving to the beat. It oozes out 100% what 80's metal stands for. I have a blast playing this jam on guitar as it is one of my favorites from the band.  

'Loosen Up' is about having fun with your mates and letting go of your troubles. For anybody out there going through anything right now give this track a listen and loose yourself within the music. 

'Miles Away' the ultimate ballad off the album speaks for itself. I'll just let it do the talking into your ears. 

'Easy Come Easy Go' was actually only written because Kip felt there wasn't enough rockish songs on the album. I still think it was a nice addition to an already awesome work of art. 

'Rainbow In The Rose' is fueled by that powerful progressive metal side we all know Winger to have infused within their roots. Of course there is a dash of glam which just delivers more of a punch.  

'In The Day We'll Never See' has always reminded me of Def Leppards Pyromania work but with a more larger than life progressive sound to it. 

'Under One Condition' is a track I feel a lot have over looked. Its a great progressive softer infused ballad than that of 'Miles Away'.  

'Little Dirty Blonde' actually is my favorite song off the In The Heart Of The Young album. It reeks of that down and dirty hormone youth filled life.

'Baptized By Fire' begins with a really cool acoustic intro that sets the listeners ears up for what is to come shortly. It breaks out surprisingly into a catchy metal tune. Absolutely love the vocal rap by Kip as it is one of a kind. 

'You Are The Saint,I Am The Sinner' grew on me within time as I got older and is another track I feel that has been over looked by many. 

'In The Heart Of The Young' captures the raw power of ones youth. Its full of those die hard feelings of no worries and just enjoying the younger years in life.

Although I'm only in my 20's,In The Heart Of The Young I felt captured what life was like for those who came before me that were my age when it was released. This record has always painted a perfect visual in my mind as to what was on the hearts of all the youth of yesterday.  

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  1. Can't Get Enough
  2. Loosen Up
  3. Miles Away
  4. Easy Come Easy Go
  5. Rainbow In The Rose
  6. In The Day We'll Never See
  7. Under One Condition
  8. Little Dirty Blonde
  9. Baptized By Fire
  10. You Are The Saint,I Am The Sinner
  11. In The Heart Of The Young


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