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Rammstein - Rosenrot

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Industrial
Artist discography


Rammstein with frontman Till Lindeman as the new messiah of metal were kind enough to release the 8 songs that were lifted off the previous masterpiece "Reise,Reise" on a whole new album called "Rosenrot".
They recorded 3 brand new tracks to make sure the fans gets value for the money,I have listened to this album these last 2 days coz I held their last effort as the album of the year in 2004 so I get the best picture possible of this Metal icebreaker.
The first impression was a minor disappointment coz "Rosenrot" doesn?t reach the same skyscraper heights as "Reise,Reise" but then again,the majority of these songs are leftovers so it?s understandable.

However,to be leftovers - I must say that they rock utterly good anyway.....right from the first sight of the mighty artwork the listener is invited on a cold journey into the Arctic of metal.
Ok,they were more dark and brutal on "Mutter" and more powerful and beautiful on "Reise,Reise" but don?t let it fool you coz their trademark of panzer rock still stand strong with songs like "Spring","Feuer und wasser","Mann gegen mann","Rosenrot" and "Wo bist du".
The touch of a Mexican carnival in "Te quiero puta" could?ve remained an unreleased track coz it is one of the weakest tracks from this band ever.
The new single "Benzin" and the rest of the songs won?t make history but they are good enough to take this ship through the polar sea.


Melodic Net Comments 

rammstein kick asses like never before :)

This album kicks

Best album ever.I Love it.

excellent album.

listen on spotify