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Scott Stapp - The Great Divide

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2005-11-22
Label: Wind-Up Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Rick Rubin
Artist discography


The voice of Creed,Scott Stapp releases his solo debut "The great divide" in Nov. - the first taste from Stapp was the song "Relearn love" from "The passion of the christ" in 2004 which isn?t featured on this 10 track album.
His former Creed bandmates formed Alter Bridge with a new singer which was a heavier affair than the usual grungerock we used to hear from Creed.
So has Stapp done the same thing and left the grunge genre behind him? - No,Scott still stand on safe postgrunge ground and will definitely please many of the million Creed fans around the world with "The great divide".

I?m glad to hear that 8 of these 10 songs are rockers that sounds like a mix between Creed and Big Wreck,the title track is the first single released from this effort but I don?t think it?s a hit nor the best track of the album.
A good solid song sure with great guitarwork but it also leaves you with the feeling -was that all?
The pianoballad "Broken" is the song that will make airwaves,trust me but also Creed-like songs such as "Sublime" and "Surround me" are safe cards that will make Stapp?s solo debut a million seller.
The U2 sounding verse on "You will soar" is a nice surprise from this sexy rocknroller,truly my favorite song on "The great divide".
I like the frontcover of this album,it looks a bit like inner sleeve on Steve Perry?s "For the love of strange medicine".

Tracklisting 1. Reach Out
2. Fight Song
3. Hard Way
4. Justify
5. Let Me Go
6. Surround Me
7. The Great Divide
8. Sublime
9. You Will Soar
10. Broken


Melodic Net Comments 

Bengt Rist
Well, here we have it, the worst solo effort ever. Creed where in the major leagues, this is not even in the minors. This is Creed without the heart and soul. The songs sounds like something Creed would throw away after a studio session. Disappointed!!

OK let it be known I was a big fan of Creed the band, not Stapp or Tremonti but the band. Ive listened to the album 3 times before writing my review. Its an OK album, not great but not horrible just OK. I would not call this Creed 4. Music is OK, vocals are rough almost painful at times, and the entire album has the same theme, basically Scotts version of the breakup and how bad life was for him during those years. I think Stapp die hards will like it , Tremonti fans wont and I dont think that will have anything to do with the quality or lack of in his solo debut. Two solid songs are Broken which has a nice gospel choir and You will Soar, the rest can be skipped over. I think this will make his fans happy but will not gain him any new ones. I dont think it will break any records, most likely will disappear off the charts in a few months. Truth be it Scott really needs to take care of his voice.

The latest album of the voice of creed -- and here it is -- an album depicting scotts character deeply, i feel the album would be loved by all creed fans and will attract some new too. great soundtrack in the name of the title -- The great divide, also best to listen are Justify, Sublime and a Fight song which leaves you a feeling that scott is back and will leave an everlasting impression on us. The album is cool, rock and full of life. Rating -- i give it a direct 4.

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