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Soundtrack - Underworld Evolution

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Lakeshore
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


The vampire/werewolf movie Underworld gets a sequel both as a movie and soundtrack,what were the odds?!
Anyway,this one is better than the first soundtrack so here?s some info:

Very cool!
Chester Bennington-Morning after (a solotrack from the Linkin Park singer,great gothrock far from the LP sound)
Hawthorne Heights-Where can I stab myself (a remix of a song taken from their new 2006 album "If only you were lonely",great song that saves the messy remix)
My Chemical Romance-To the end (a remix of a song taken from their 2004 effort "Three cheers for sweet revenge" but this one works better than the previous track)
Alkaline Trio-Burn (another nice industrial remix of a good song taken from their 2005 album "Crimson")
Aiden-The last sunrise (one of the best remixes on this album is this gothic version of a song taken from their 2005 album "The nightmare anatomy")
Lacuna Coil-Our truth (oriental numetal at it?s best,here?s a song taken from this exciting band?s upcoming album "Karmacode" out in April,great song!)

Ok stuff:
Puscifier-The undertaker (Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan?s sideproject had a song on the first Underworld soundtrack as well but none of the songs reaches the same level as Tool)
Slipknot-Vermillion pt.2 (a slow remix of a pianodriven track from their 2004 album "Vol.3 The Subliminal verses",it?s quite odd to hear normal vocals from this band)
Senses Fail-Bite to break skin (a remix of a song taken from their 2004 album "Let it unfold you" but this one is too programmed and machine based)
Gosling-Putting out the fire (a cover of David Bowie?s classic soundtrack hit from the movie "Cat people",nice version but not as good as the original)
Bobby Gold-Why are you up (Imagine yourself on crack,coz this is a psycho cocaine trip making your head swirl,not so bad...just psycho)

Atreyu-Her portrait in black (new song from this thrashmetal band that could?ve been lifted off this album,sounds like a second rate version of Soilwork)
Trivium-Washing away me in tides (new song from thrashmetal band Trivium but not one of their best,too much growl)
Mendozza-Eternal battle (demo sounding 80?s metal track a la the early Metallica era,crap!)
Meat Beat Manifesto-Suicide (Industrial overdose,please get me out of here coz this gets me in a suicidal mood)
Cradle of Filth-Halloween 2 (new song from deathmetal band COF,is this the worst chorus of the year?!)


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