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Alfie Zappacosta - Start Again

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2004-04-27
Label: Marquis
Genre: Westcoast
Artist discography


We have all been to second hand stores looking desperately for the cd?s/vinyls we have on our wantlists. Back in the mid 80?s my friend Tomas and myself went the 120 km road down to Gothenburg on the western side of Sweden to do our monthly visit and buy CD?s and vinyls.
We were best friends but still also enemies? Hmmm? wonders if Tomas finds something in that shelf that I haven?t looked in and vice versa? So, in we went to Satisfaction, one of the best stores in Gothenburg and I grabbed one of the boxes with new CD?s and went through them, desperately looking for new candy, and then I went on to the next box? Tomas was on the other side of the store and checked out his part of the store? We changed places in the store and he went through my boxes that was gone through and no longer virgins.
But perhaps there is something that the other missed. I heard that awful screaming and shouting and laughing from a voice I recognized? It was Tomas. I?d missed one of the most sought after CD?s? The Zappacosta album ?A to Z? on? CD? F**k!!!

The trip back home to Skara was a quiet journey. Or at least from my point of view. Tomas whistled and was happy? Now, 20 years later I?m listening to Alfie Zappacosta?s brand new album and I wished I should have missed it in the store. I can understand a guy like Alfie of course. Either he?s doing a ?frontiers? and takes his car to the 80?s land and sell a few copies to the pond of AOR-jerks or he tries to get hold of a bigger audience with doing this sort of wimpy stuff for chicks in the mid 40?s.
So if you like the softer well performed westcoastscene that Alfie started doing back in 1995 with "Innocence Ballet" and where you these days find names like Gino Vanelli and Michael Bolton you have a safe buy in this album. For myself - I put on "A to Z" (which I found on Ebay ten years later) one more time.

Tracklisting 1. Start Again
2. Moon Tattoo
3. Tears Of Hercules
4. Passion
5. And We'll Dance
6. Take It From Me
7. Do I Dare
8. Dance Is Over
9. We Should Be Lovers
10. I'll Be The One
11. Chloe You Thief
12. Life Disciples
13. San Sebastian
14. You Are What You Love
15. Tu Si Na Cosa Grande


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