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Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Peaceville
Genre: Goth Rock
Producer: Katatonia/Jens Bogren
Artist discography


Discography:Dance of December Souls (1993),Brave Murder Day (1996),Discouraged Ones (1998),Tonight?s Decision (1999),Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2001),Viva Emptiness (2003),Brave Yester Days (2004),The Black Possession (2005),The Great Cold Distance (2006)
Bandmembers:Jonas Renkse - Vocals,Anders Nystrom - Guitar,Fredrik Norrman - Guitar,Mattias Norrman - Bass,Daniel Liljekvist - Drums
Influences:Tool,Opeth,Morbid Angel,Entombed
Will appeal to fans of:Audrey Horne,Vast,H.I.M
Album tracks Total length:51,45
1.Leaders (4,20)
2.Deliberation (3,59)
3.Soil?s song (4,11)
4.My twin (3,40)
5.Consternation (3,50)
6.Follower (4,45)
7.Rusted (4,20)
8.Increase (4,19)
9.July (4,44)
10.In the white (4,53)
11.The itch (4,19)
12.Journey through pressure (4,20)
Kaj?s final words:Most of this band?s albums are recorded in my hometown of Orebro and they started out more or less as a black metal/doom metal band but has developed their sound into a more gothic and progressive style with traces of doom metal.
Jonas Renkse?s characteristic voice really puts this band on the map of exploring metal with no looking back,Katatonia is the future and they are always welcome to Orebro where they have set their trademark!
Listen to the single "My twin" at their myspace profile and get spellbound by a gorgeous tune.

Tracklisting 1. Leaders
2. Deliberation
3. Soil's Song
4. My Twin
5. Consternation
6. Follower
7. Rusted
8. Increase
9. July
10. In The White
11. The Itch
12. Journey Through Pressure


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