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Bullets and Octane - In the mouth of the young

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-04-07 Year: 2006
Label: RCA Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Page Hamilton/Ken Andrews
Artist discography


Discography:The one night stand rocknroll band (2003),Revelry (2004),In the mouth of the young (2006)
Bandmembers:Gene Louis - Vocals,James Daniel - Guitar,Brent Clawson - Bass,Ty Smith - Drums
Influences:Bad Religion,Helmet,Therapy?,Danzig
Will appeal to fans of:Billy Talent,Backyard Babies,Living Things,Money Money
Album tracks Total length:40,39
1.Goin blind (3,10)
2.My disease (3,04)
3.Save me sorrow (3,31)
4.I aint your savior (3,14)
5.Cancer California (3,13)
6.Last mistake (3,49)
7.Never say now (1,24)
8.Queen mirage (3,42)
9.Caving in (3,18)
10.Bathroom floor (4,03)
11.All hail halo (4,03)
12.Mine now (4,05)
Kaj?s final words:Bullets and Octane are experts at no frills rocknroll,it?s like standing behind a drag racing car in the smoke and smell the burning tires against the asphalt.
After 2 indie albums,they signed to RCA and now releases their major label debut that contains one re-recorded song "Save me sorrow" from the previous cd.
We?re talking pedal to the metal here where the fast songs reminds a bit of Bad Religion like for example "I aint your savior" - I just love the machine gun drumming on this song.
Some of the songmelodies may soundalike but it?s nothing that bothers me,we need bands like BAO to survive in the mainstream dominated music bizniz.

Tracklisting 1. Going Blind
2. My Disease
3. Save Me Sorrow
4. I Aint Your Savior
5. Cancer California
6. Last Mistake
7. Signed In Alcohol
8. Queen Mirage
9. Caving In
10. Bathroom Floor
11. All Hail Halo
12. Mine Now
13. Sweet Dreams


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