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Amy Famiglietti - Broken

Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Year: 2005
Label: Independent
Genre: Pop
Producer: Chris Billias/Amy Famiglietti
Artist discography


There are many names going through my head while listening to Amy?s debut EP - Madonna,Pink,Gwen Stefani,Cyndi Lauper,Paula Abdul,Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue.
We?re talking dance-rock-pop where most of the sounds are coming from machines,sequencers,synthesizers and an electric guitar on a few parts.
Amy is also a choreographer and dancer which isn?t so hard to understand when you hear a song like "Just let me be" that could?ve been taken from Paula Abdul?s "Forever your girl" (1988).
"Time to set things right" is also available with a video of it at her website and this one truly should have air on MTV coz it?s just as good as any Gwen Stefani song.
The tropico disco of "All on you" takes us back to the 80?s and Gloria Estefan?s latin influenced disco,not my cup of tea though but it?s quite charming.
"Sometimes" sounds like a leftover ballad from any Britney Spears album,nothing to get excited about.
My favorite is the opening track "Broken" which also is most rocking song on the EP,I find the fretless bass most amusing and the atmosphere of this song is wonderful - imagine Pink doing a Laura Branigan cover and we?re close to how it sounds.
All the songs are written by Amy Famiglietti but on the next record,I would like to hear more "real" instruments.


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