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8084 - The Last Great Train

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2005-11-16
Label: GB Music
Genre: Midwest Rock
Artist discography


Last year 8084 (Eight-Oh-Eight-Four) released their comeback album,this 80s AOR band released a couple of albums back in the 80s and who doesn?t remember their fantastic song "Too Late For Love" written together with Aldo Nova that was a pure classic 80s AOR-song.
So now Randy Smith and Co are back with a new album and sound - yes, the sound is totally different what we?re used to hear from this band.
Now they play acoustic pop/rock in the veins of The Rembrandts but they don?t have as strong songs.
Randy Smith has a very strong voice that suits this approach of pop/rock more,they have changed the sound too and they sound very tight.
So it?s a shame that there are not enough strong songs to lift up this album to higher grounds,the more rocking tracks on the album are the ones that stands out more.

Just listen to the up-tempo guitardriven "I Know" that rocks really nice and lifts this album in a nice way, too bad that this is the only one with a punch in it.
"When I Think Of You" is a wonderful acoustic ballad that really hooked me up with nice melodies.
This is an album that don?t go all the way but if you?re into pop,done in a similar way as The Rembrandts - then give these guys a chance and you might like it.
But if you own some of their earlier albums and liked it then you can forget about this new one.

Tracklisting 1. Breath
2. Alright
3. The Last Great Train
4. Shopping List
5. Sometimes
6. Without U
7. Home
8. Come To Me
9. I Know
10. When I Think Of You
11. All That I Need
12. Guitsophrenic
13. Thank You


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