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Jill Yan - B4

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Independent
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Jill Yan
Artist discography


It has taken 5 years for guitarist Jill Yan to come up with a new album but in some cases,it?s only good to be prepared and wait til you have plenty of good material to choose from and not only put out albums every year like so many professional musicians do in the jazzrock/progrock genre with different projects here and there and everywhere.
Jill has studied at the G.I.T in L.A like so many other guitarists has around the world but he focuses on more melodic instrumental fusionrock instead of showing off with his technical skills that can bore me to death.
I guess he has listened a lot to Satriani and Vai but on a song like "Ab & Go",Jill sounds more like Allan Holdsworth and the bass solo from Pascal Alba is a joy for the ears.

Jill shows the best side of himself with the nice song structure of the opening track "Deep down",it feels like he?s making music because he wants to and then on the more complex "Where?s the paper" he gets to show what a great shredder he is.
The album is varied from heavy rock tracks like "New world" and "Infinity" to funky stuff such as "Balcoon" and more fusion like on "Six months later" and my personal fave "Ab & Go".
It?s a shame that the album is 1 hour long coz it tends to feel a little long in the end,the "normal and more old time" length of 45 minutes would?ve been perfect.


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