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Kill Ketura - Neverwill

Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Release date: 2006-04-14
Label: Kill Ketura
Genre: Electronic
Artist discography


Discography:Neverwill EP (2006)
Bandmembers:Daniel - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards,Derek - Guitar,Benjamin - Bass,Betram Lee - Drums
Influences:Dredg,Chemical Brothers,The Cure,Bjork
Will appeal to fans of:The Anix,Orgy,God Lives Underwater
Album tracks Total length:33,46
1.Neverwill (4,40)
2.This hero (4,44)
3.Run (4,02)
4.Hey,teen! (4,55)
5.Cowboys and courtisans (5,35)
6.Remote (5,33)
7.End of the line (4,17)
Comments:If Jean Michel Jarre,Jay Gordon of Orgy and Klayton of Celldweller had a band,they would sound like the electro-rockers Kill Ketura.
Their sound doesn?t get too machine based since they?re using real acoustic drums instead of a drum machine,however I feel the drumsound needs a little bit of work coz it?s a bit thin.
The majority of the songs are based upon spacey Jarre sounding keyboards and the opener "Neverwill" is brilliant,the goosebumps factor is pretty high on this one.
They end the EP with almost the same type of song with the sci-fi ballad "End of the line",between those 2 songs the level goes up and down with a couple of fillers in "Run" and "Cowboys and Courtisans" but the atmospheric and melodic "Hey,teen!" belongs on a soundtrack.
The catchy "Remote" should be released to radio coz it doesn?t leave my head while the danceable "This hero" reminds a lot of Celldweller,nice.
5 points to the opening track though.


Melodic Net Comments 

these guys are goddamn sexy!