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Breaking Benjamin - Phobia

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-08-08 Year: 2006
Label: Hollywood Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: David Bendeth
Artist discography


I don?t think it?s an exaggeration to call Breaking Benjamin titans of modern rock, they are selling a huge amount of records and have become an influential band in the same category as Nickelback and Korn.
They have spent countless of dollars on the new album "Phobia" which sounds like an independent band would afford to record the intro of 1:13 before their money was gone.
You can easily get fooled by a production that can be compared to the special effects in the sci-fi movie "Independence day", you just sit there and smile like the Joker in Batman.
But after a few spins, I get a more objective perspective on "Phobia" and can have distance to the million dollar buck sound.
The songs aren?t anything to jump high about coz if you strip em down to the guitarchords and the melodies, these are just average modern rock songs that are hidden behind a megalomatic production.
The new single "The diary of Jane" is really good and "You" can also be lifted up as a powerful song but just like "Independence day" had no story - "Phobia" has no songs!
3 stars for the amazing sound though.
The previous album "We are not alone" is so much better!

Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. The Diary Of Jane
3. Breath
4. You
5. Evil Angel
6. Until The End
7. Dance With The Devil
8. Topless
9. Here We Are
10. Unknown Soldier
11. Had Enough
12. You Fight Me
13. Outro
14. The Diary Of Jane (Acoustic)


Melodic Net Comments 

wELL !! i didnt listen 2 da holl albuM bUt diarY of da freakin Be$t.... luFF da voCal Much !!! Breaking Benjamin ,,RoXxXxXx....\M/

i love the song breath it is amazing
2007-05-17 19:47:29

Bengt Rist
I wonder how my name got dragged into Jay´s infamous comment below?
2007-05-16 17:26:35

Breaking Benjamin ROCkS!! This album is the best of the three
2007-05-06 13:46:50

don´t believe the review best album they made imo
2007-04-25 15:18:38

this song is the best one they have made so far. SADFAS SHUT UP U DONT KNOW WHAT U R TALKING ABOUT
2007-04-24 15:28:58

2007-04-04 09:32:50

Jay, why so upset? it´s only a review. And no, I don´t hate my parents, you don´t have to agree with me - you know what?! Go to a website where they do only good reviews of your favorite albums and then you could start your own website with your own special family where everybody says "I love your review" pleezzee can I have it! Go away and stay away!
2007-03-30 21:33:25

"Comment by Bengt Rist at 11/8/2006 1:29:07 PM" That dude that reviewed this disc is a douche bag! Sure the production is big, but the songs are nothing to sneeze at. He must have something so much better-oh wait he just reviews stuff. Well I can write a review also-your review sucks. You must hate your parents and the school system for turning out such an idiot. If I were you I would sue yourself over your lack of brains. Hey have a nice day!
2007-03-29 04:51:57

the music, the voice , the performance - great!!!

seth armstrong
diary of jane is the best.

Bengt Rist
It? is hard to tell all this modern rock/metal, similar sounding bands apart these days, specially if you dont have the album cover right infront of you when you hear them. Breaking Benjamin is such a band. If you are not a die hard fan that is, which i am not. If i compare this album to their previous, i notic that this is a more melody driven album, and for me personally that is a good thing. I have nothing against studio polished music weather its rock, metal, pop or, i recogn this is not a masterpiece, but it is a fairly good rock album .

This entire CD is amazing. You gota love all the songs that hit on the classic Breaking Benjamin style, but they also add a new sound to them. They are moving into melodies that weave in and out of major and minor on songs like "breathe" and "dance with the devil"0, which is awesome. Plus they took their vocal tallent to a new level with the awesome harmonies especialy on the acoustic Diary of Jane. They still have amazing lyrics that are pretty deep. If anyone gives this album a bad rateing it?s only because of it not being all metal like Breaking Benjamin?s older albums, that shows that they have no appretiation for music and can?t see talent outside of the narrow musical world they have exposed themselves to. All I have to say is that it?t their loss.

i listened to the accoustical version of the diary of jane one time and the song has been in my head now for three days straight.I just want to listen to it on repeat on my cd player again and again.Hauntingly lovely.

Hey cmon guyz, this is a good album, its supposed to be dark and well the slower pace of the songs suit it. I do agree that they have lost a bit of the "venom" that made them a lot more powerful on WANA and saturate. Until the end is the perfect example of that, great opening riff, but it just loses it in the middle. Same problem with You fight me, dont know why they needed the electronic beats. However, the rest of the album is quite brilliant actually. DOJ, breath, topless, had enough, evil angel and dance with the devil are my fav picks. Atleast they fiddled around with time signatures and tunings etc. All said and done it is a very good album, but not excellent.

Mark Bridges
The new Breaking Benjamin CD, Phobia is wicked tight. Most all the tracks have awesome melody and Benjamin Burnley is one mad awesome singer. "You Fight Me", "Until The End", "Breath" and "Diary of Jane" are my top four favorite songs on the album. I must say though, the album overall has a really tight sound and Benjmian Burnley leads the bands with sweet melodic vocals and the guitar and drums played match all the songs and lyrics perfectly. The new drummer, Chad brings a nice fresh sound. I think its easy to say that this album ties with "We Are Not Alone" and for sure beats out "Saturate." The band has come so far since "Saturate" came out; this album is token that that progress and hard work. Overall a great album that all rock bands should pick up. Anything Breaking Benjamin is a must-have. Period.

Preacher Child
What I liked about this CD was not the songs on it. More, it?s the time these guys put in to become a better band. For all you purists out their who think saturate is still the best, we know this is not their best CD in your eyes, but damn are all the songs catchy you gotta admit. I love their new drummer (hell of a lot better than their last). I think it?s a great CD and I gotta give em the whole five for being able and willing to give us a better and better quality performance this time around. Thanks BB for all you?ve given us and keep going!!!!

i really like the band i dont think phobia was their best work...but its better than alot of the crap that is out there...they are a great band to see live...i really think that better things will come out of these guys...if you get a chance go see them makes you want to listen to phobia a few more times...which is what i had to do to appreciate it

Breaking Ben? is excellent. I just love their music. And this album shows their excellence in all songs !

Breaking Benjamin takes the cake from Vocals, Lyrics to Guitars.It has to be one of the best out there.

breaking benjamin are best band ever

Breaking Benjamin is one of the best bands out there today. Each album brought a different sound. Saturate was definately a different album compared to We are not alone and now Phobia is a complete different sound but the lyric are really good the rifts are amazing and the melodies are what makes this band. I have listened to this album non stop since i bought it earlier this week and every song is great and makes you want to listen more

Joe Akkawi
I think the glory of this album lies in the guy?s vocal abilities. It?s an enjoyment to listen to his melodies and harmonies.

Paul Jones
just slow and a bit boring, no punch to it, a bit like Colds latest album, all the songs sound the same. dissapointing

I love the songs: Breath, Diary Of Jane, You Fight Me, Dance With The Devil, and Until The End. It?s not to say I didn?t like the other songs. I just kind of thought these ones were a little more catchy then the other ones. I do agree that this cd isn?t as rocky. It?s a little more slow. It?s kind of like the OLP cd Happiness In Paranoid Times. You expected it to be just like the other cds. It was far from it. It was slower, more thought provoking, and just not normal OLP. I loved We Are Not Alone. It had such amazing songs on it. I think I got too hyped up for this one..I love the cover of the cd though.. And I know every band ususally has 1 cd that doesn?t do as well as the others because something changes in the band and or they just want to tell a different story in their songs..going back to OLP..they told a story in every one of their new songs. The stories were about what was going on in the world at that time...I guess this one is just a little different then the other ones, and people just expect it to be the same. You can?t expect a person you knew a couple years ago to be the same person when you see them don?t expect a band to stay the exact same forever. Let them test their new style out..and if they find it doesn?t work..then fine..They will go back to what the fans like and what they started out with or just find something else that they like and that suits what way they want to take their career.

Come on Now....I Loved "Independence Day" & I loved the tracks "Breath" & "Unknown Soldier" off this record.

The BigMachine
After two long years of touring, Breaking Benjamin comes to the scene with their third major release. At first, you might be pulled in with the second track "Diary of Jane" with its catchy guitar hooks and flawless lyrics. One cannot help to move their head and shout "do you like that.." - a statement that serves to be the basis for the album. Once we reach the third track "Breathe" your almost convinced that David Bendeth did an incredible job with this group. The melodic tone is consantly felt and sang perfectly by Ben. Then we get to our meat of the cd and suddenly were slammed with rock ballads. Certainly a different turn for the band. To be honest, I never favored "Rain" or "Forget It" for its slow beats and bland lyrics. For all you fans who enjoy those listen to the rest of the tracks. Rarely do any of the rest stick out. "Until The End" had a great opening with memoriable drum beats, yet when we get to the chorus it suddenly turns weak and acoustic. This is just an example of the prevalent trend on this album. "Topless" is just poorly done and so simple that a teenager could come up with the riffs. Die hard fans will enjoy it since its a touring favorite but honestly its production should have been placed in a EP similiar to "Ladybug". Reaching the end, we are finally rewarded for listening to half-hearted hard rock and reach the pinnacle "Had Enough". Probably a faster tempo would have helped here, but lyrically its what were used to for Breaking Benjamin. The song clearly reflects the recent departure of their drummer. Breaking Benjamin efforts were strong and meaningful but lacked the knockout hits that made it special in We Are Not Alone. David?s selection of songs were pitful in my book and a new producer is clearly a change for the good. Some fans will be disappointed and will loose interest fast. Hopefully, they will turn it around with another great album in the future.

Honky Magoo
I think it?s going to be a CD that?s gonna have to grow on me, but this CD isnt the quality of Saturate, they lost the grunge, but it?s Breaking Benjamin and I still like the CD but not love.

Honky Magoo
I?m listening to the CD right now and to tell the truth i?m not really feeling this softer sound, i?ll listen to it in its entirety and adjust this comment accordingly.

This cd is OUTSTANDING from the first track to the last. There is alot of variety in the songs, all of which are done great. There is not one track on here you will find yourself skipping, maybe the intro and outro thing, but that?s it. Had Enough is a song full of attitude and it?s really well written, by far my favortie song. This is by far the best rock cd of the year, pick this up a.s.a.p you will not be dissapointed. Another great solid record from the greatest band ever.

The Fiddler
Okay....This album is incredible...possibly the best rock album this year. Every song on here is unqiue in its own ways. This album might grab hold of you right away...or just take time...but in the end, your going to enjoy this album from beggining to end. A masterpiece.

I don?t get the last comment before me but this CD is very different from the first two but every song sounds different, and you can tell the band has matured. All the songs are great, as usual. Breaking Benjamin is the only band I listen to in which I like EVERY single song I?ve heard by that particular band.

the dwindler
saturate was an alt-metal masterpiece. we are not alone wasn?t quite as good; but the band?s more collaborative effort was still solid. phobia is garbage. after ?diary of jane? was released, i figured this cd would kick ass every bit as wana-but not quite saturate. this is not what we were given. the variety found on saturate and wana are gone. in its place is indistinguishable track after indistinguishable track. it is GREAT to hear a studio version of topless though; and great to see the band barely altered the long time fans something to like. but that?s the only thing long-time fans will find here as far as likability goes. i?m sure many fans will just blindly say "it rocks!!!!"-but it doesn?t. download topless, diary of jane, and the acoustic version of doj. it?s all that?s good here.

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