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Sugarcult - Lights Out

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: V2
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Gavin Mackillop
Artist discography


Sugarcult will not disappoint anyone with their first major label album "Lights out", I?m not sure you can call their style punkpop anylonger, if you start scratching on the surface of their edgy modern rock/pop you might find tendencies of their early days of punkpop.
Now they?re more like a light version of Harem Scarem or why not call it Green Day going AOR, rough powerpop like this will always be timeless since you can draw parallels to Cheap Trick as well as Rick Springfield and even Butch Walker.
Sugarcult rocks and the new single "Do it alone" is just one fine example of the explosivity this album carries.
I love the opening track "Dead living" that belongs on a future Best of compilation with this band but also "Los Angeles" has every chance of becoming the hit they need to become bigger than they are now.
Want your party to be a riot? Then you should start it with the rocker "Explode" but be prepared that it might take a while before the smoke clears.
Why didn?t Butch write a song like "Shaking" on his latest album? Well, Sugarcult did and I?m a happy music nerd!

Tracklisting 1. Lights Out
2. Dead Living
3. Los Angeles
4. Do It Alone
5. Explode
6. Out of Phase
7. Made a Mistake
8. Riot
9. Majoring In Minors
10. Shaking
11. The Investigation
12. Hiatus


Melodic Net Comments 

Bengt rist
Hmm... I?v realy hoped for this one to be their monument. They have such huge potencial. So it?s a little disapointing that the song material is weaker than their previous album. "Dead living" and "shaking" are fairly good songs though.

yet another amazing song from one of the most amazing bands ever! everyone will love this LISTEN to it and buy!

this song is off the fuckin wall.. u will like it soo much check this shit out... now!!! what the hell are u waiting for?

listen on spotify