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Audioslave - Revelations

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Interscope Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Brendan O Brien
Artist discography


The man with one of the best rock voices of all time, Chris Cornell is back with the third release with Audioslave and he?s not only a great vocalist, he?s a fantastic songwriter that delivers on every single album he?s involved in.
It?s amazing and also pretty surprising that this Rage Against the Machine/Soundgarden supergroup releases such good albums after the huge success of their previous works. But some got it and this constellation seems to be even better in their new shape. Ok, both RATM and Soundgarden were more groundbreaking and unique at their peak, but I have to say that Audioslave beats them when it comes to making consistent albums.
Three released albums and three damn fine moments of pure melodic rock; that?s hard to beat!
?Reveleations? is like their predecessors filled with some sort of millennium grunge/hard rock-like music and one thing that hits me when I listen to this new release is that they?re more rhythm driven instead of the riff driven melodies that were dominating on the debut.
I prefer the harder debut, which feels more alternative in some way, but I can?t complain on this new one. ?Reveleations? is a damn good album with awesome songs from the opening title track to the ending ?Moth?.
This just as good as I hoped for or even better, not a classic, but sure one of the best albums this year. Audioslave rules in the rock genre!

Tracklisting 1. Revelations
2. One And The Same
3. Sound Of A Gun
4. Until We Fall
5. Original Fire
6. Broken City
7. Somedays
8. Shape Of Things To Come
9. Jewel Of The Summertime
10. Wide Awake
11. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye
12. Moth
13. Show Me How To Live - Live at the Quart Festival


Melodic Net Comments 

Audioslave more consistent than Rage and Soundgarden? LOL

joe manor
ok chris cornell is an amazing singer and i was about to dog on you for not saying how much better ratfm (rage against the fucking machine) is but i read it again and your probably right it has to grow one me. audioslave is awesome and inovative i just have an undying admireation for ratfm. so obviousely i think they are better, but that was a long time ago and i am very thankful to have audioslave. this comment is almost pointless because i agree with you but i just want to say i like ratfm better than audioslave and sound garden thats all u are cool for making sense. i am drunk right now i apolagize. bye.

da weavesta
This album is amazing in all ways. You will probably say "hey this doesnt sounds like there first self titled album or even out of exile." But dont get your hopes up...its a very good change. audioslave knows how to bring back the rock n roll roots with a twist of insane effects (thank you tom morello). In some song, you can feel a Soundgarden vibe and even Rage Against The Machine vibe..and THAT IS NOT A BAD THING AT ALL. The more funk which brings is also a positive on the this album...alot of songs will keep you noddin your head with the sick bass lines. Listen to revelations, one and the same, sound of a gun, JEWEL OF THE SUMMERTIME (my fav for right now...just blows me away w everything in this song...especially chris cornells vocals.) NOTHING LEFT TO SAY BUT GOODBYE (another fav gives me a Soundgarden chill...very catchy i love it.) Its a great album...alot of it still has to grow on me.

Qasim Sohail
Hello, i thought this album was very refined, moreso than any of their other albums, and in fact doesnt see a single bad track. They?ve gone back to the traditional rock?n?roll formula, but at the same time they?ve added an unseen funk to their music. Lots of wah wah, outrageous solos and crazy effects clearly outline guitarist tom morello?s effectiveness as a guitarist. frontman chris cornell has never sounded so good, and there?s even a bit of political lyricism added in! Highlights of this album are ?revelations?, ?one and the same?, ?sound of a gun? and ?shape of things to come?. for fans of: hard rock with a kickass bassline!

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