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Evanescence - The Open Door

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-10-03 Year: 2006
Label: Wind-Up Records
Genre: Goth Rock
Producer: Dave Fortman
Artist discography


The follow up to a mega successful debut must be the hardest thing to do for a band and even harder if the person who stood behind the major part of the songs on the previous album also has left the band.
Guitarist Ben Moody formed Evanescence with vocalist Amy Lee in the late 90?s and he had a lot to do with the success of the 14 million selling "Fallen" from 2003.
Terry Balsamo (ex.Cold) replaced Moody in 2004 and has a lot of pressure of showing everyone he can fill Moody?s shoes on the songwriting part on the new album.
Bassist Will Boyd also left the band last year with former guitarist of The Revolution Smile, Tim McCord stepping in and taking over the bass duties.

The first single "Call me when you?re sober" will sell all by itself since this band doesn?t need much promotion these days but will the new album work?
The fans will buy it, sure - but I don?t think this album will be even close of the same success as "Fallen", the songs just aren?t good enough on "The open door".
It?s all done very beautiful and the dollar signs must be counted to 6 numbers when it comes to the luxurious production, it?s just that the music feels so cold and fabricated.
Their mix of numetal, goth and classical is ofcourse very cool but we can now see that the loss of Ben Moody is even greater than I expected.
A few songs stand out and they are the dark "Cloud Nine", the new single plus the heavy opener "Sweet sacrifice" but why are there 8 ballads on the album and most importantly - why do the majority of the harmonies sound exactly the same?

Tracklisting 1. Sweet Sacrifice
2. Call Me When You're Sober
3. Weight Of The World
4. Lithium - Album Version - Clean
5. Cloud Nine
6. Snow White Queen
7. Lacrymosa
8. Like You
9. Lose Control
10. The Only One
11. Your Star
12. All That I Am Living For
13. Good Enough


Melodic Net Comments 

"lithium? is one of the best songs on the album. it?s hard rock sound and it?s haunting nature sends chills down my spine. Amy Lee has such a strong and powerful voice and it finds a way into your soul. the band that backs her has such musical talent it?s beyond explination. they?re music and her voice together is just haunting. in the previous album Amy?s voice was week but with the second album it is strong and loud and you can feel her reaching out to you in a way. it sounds like she is expressing her life in her songs thats what gets me. not many people can do that. in her songs it sounds like in a certain way she is expressing what has happened in her life. they write amazing songs and the way that Amy sings them and the band musically supports her it just blows me away. i have not yet found a singer or band bar now that has been able to do that. they just have such talent. she is amazing on the piano and that makes me feel what the song is about. she has such a perfect way of expressing her voice through song. it?s amazing. together they are extremly unique and beautiful.

I think it?s ridiculous how people say "Call Me When You?re Sober" is the only good song on the album. Yeah, it is if you can only enjoy the most commercial-sounding pop-ish track on the whole album. Now I?m not saying I don?t enjoy "CMWYS", as a matter of fact I adore it. All I mean is that it?s not the best song on the album in my opinion. Amy?s voice is noticably much stronger than on any other previous work. And the writing does not lack artistic talent. It?s a different aspect of art. Instead of being extremely metaphorically, it has a more straight-forward force. There are still lots of metaphors used, but not an extreme amount as in Fallen. "Call Me When You?re Sober" is the only full straight-forward song on the album. 1. Sweet Sacrifice: 9/10- Best choice for the opener. Uses beautiful guitar riffs and Amy?s soaring vocals to hook the listener. Only flaw for me is that it seems rather short and sometimes overly repetitive. 2. Call Me When You?re Sober: 8.5/10- Best choice for a first single. It?s the most commercial song on the enitre album, therefore it?s an easy way to attract new listeners with it?s wide play. 3. Weight Of The World: 9.5/10- Has strong lyrics and a cool guitar introduction. 4. Lithium: 10/10- A enchanting and beautiful song. You can feel lots of emotion through the song, the struggle of sorrow and happiness. It has a gorgeous piano/vocal intoduction as well. 5. Cloud Nine: 8.5/10- Contains some of my favorite lyrics from the open door. It?s an experimental song. 6. Snow White Queen: 10/10- A hauntingly lovely song with a story of a stalker. It seems somewhat reminiscent of "Even In Death" (especially in the introduction) and "Haunted". 7. Lacrymosa: 10/10- An amazing blend of Mozart?s classical piece from "Requiem", screeching guitars, and Amy Lee?s gorgeous vocals. Gives a very mystical feeling. 8. Like You: 10/10- A sad and lovely tune created in the memory of Bonnie Lee, Amy?s sister, as was "Hello" from Fallen. Amy puts alot of emotion into the lyrics and vocals in this song. You can feel her pain through the music. 9. Lose Control: 9/10- An experimental tune with a flirtacious piano background, sexy-sounding, sometimes distorted vocals by Amy, and hard, clanging guitars at the chorus. 10. The Only One: 9/10- Has a very intresting 5 second intro (lol). Is reminiscent of "Missing" in the background vocals. Has a powerful chorus. 11. Your Star: 8.5/10- Has a introduction that feels like it?s from a movie soundtrack until Amy opens up with a loud singing shout of "I can?t see your star!" Has a very contrasting begining compared to the end. The end is very dark and high-powered compared to the into which is soft and lonely. 12. All That I?m Living For: 8.5/10- Starts out differently from most Evanescence songs, with a guitar into and part of the chorus vocals at the begining. Has a somewhat catchy chorus. 13. Good Enough: 9/10- Shows the emotion of happiness. It is somewhat a after-state following Lithium, and this is the outcome, where happiness overtakes sorrow. It?s a beautiful piano ballad with a epic and gorgeous piano introduction. Makes a fantastic album ender. *Bonus Track* The Last Song I?m Wasting On You: 9/10- A sad piano ballad that describes an abusive relationship and a force (Ben) acting upon Amy and trying to make her change all that she is. It?s a track that backlashes against the pain described in the intros of both verses in the song.

for me amy lee?s not just a singer or artist...she?s my angel...n her tender voice kills me inside so i?m gonna ask a favor from all of you,anyone who can bring me a way to contact her..her email or phone number...her adress so i can send her a gift i?ll be thankfull for all my life...thta?s my email adress i know that when u gonna read my comment u gonna think tht m crazy ..i am..and i will be til the day i will meet her....

Just like everyone else, I wasn?t that impressed with the cd on the first night I bought and listened to the album. I sat, listened to the lyrics and thought to myself, "here we go, now we?re going to see the slow demise of a really talented band." But, then after listening to it a couple more times, I found that it is actually a better album than Fallen...musically and quite possibly lyrically as well. Now, I can?t seem to stop playing it in my office when I am working on my dissertation. Haha. Good job on another great album! And yes, as other have suggested, this reviewer needs to put away his Green Day and listen to The Open Door a few more times before he trashes it (like it seems he has done.)

I have been a true devoted fan of Evanescence since Fallen came out. I went out on Tuesday and purchased The Open Door. I have been listening to it since then constantly. Yes, at first listen I was a little disappointed - but you really need to listen to it a few times before you "Get it". It?s different but it?s beautiful! What is so different with Evanescence is their ability to be able to mix such various and different types of music and combine them to make a most amazing sound! I am a professional choir singer and play piano myself so I know this is an amazing album. No one else has ever put an album out like Fallen or The Open Door - they are very unique and beautiful! I am going to see Evanescence tomorrow night in NYC and CANNOT WAIT!! I love every song on The Open Door - favorites: "Call Me?, "Weight of the World?, ?Lithium?, Lacrymosa?, ?Cloud Nine?, ?Good Enough? and ?Snow White Queen?. Amy is an unbeleivable writer with an amazing voice and if no one hears that then you need to open your ears!

I hope this album grows on me, cos after 2 listens i don?t like it, the songwriting is well below par, and Amy Lee just wails over 8 slow boring songs, only good song is the single!

I like this record. It?s true it?s not as structured as ?Fallen?, but I actually enjoy the experimental nature, which is certainly more refreshing than listening to records with standard song arrangements. However, as is evident in the review, you?re damned if you do, or damned if you don?t - Actually this applies to most music these days. If you write a song with a standard structure, people criticise it for its lack of originality, however, if you go out on a limb, and do something different, then people criticise it for lacking form, structure, or hooks. The irony is this, these people are often one and the same. For me, TOD is a better album than ?Fallen.? But hey, this is just my view.

I am a bit puzzled by the reviewer?s comments. I thought that this album is definitely better BECAUSE it sounds less produced and less commercial than Fallen. To me it is not cold and fabricated, but the opposite. I feel the emotion and feeling that is reflected in songs like Lacrymosa, Lithium, etc. Sure, I?m a fan, but I am also very critical of most music out there and I distinctly am not a great fan of most of the pop sounds out there, because I don?t see any musical or artistic value in it. However, to say that this album is not that great is not true. In my opinion it is an excellent album, and this opinion is given after years of studying music and listening to a wide range of music. I think that this is definitely one of the better albums of this year and I applaud Evanescence for taking chances on this album and experimenting with their art.

that insect is dead sexy
the album is really good! Yes I do prefer Fallen and Origin...... but this one is still excellent! Once I gte used to it I?m sure I will like it just as much or more than the other two. My favorites are Cloud Nine, All that I?m living for, sweet sacrafice, weight of the world and lacrymosa!

I wish I was the reviewer
I respect the reviewer?s review on the album though, I?m not even sure he only listen to the album once or twice since listening to the album just 2 times seems odd because you have to take time to embrace the new sound and just expect it to be good, just as good or the same as Fallen. If I was the reviewer I wouldn?t review the album after a week of listening.

Beautifull Album
although it took time for it to grow on me, this is now my favourite album. The songs are all great in their own way, and some are brilliant! whoever reviewed this album needs to relisten

Evanescence The Open Door
Who ever did this review should be fired! THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING!!!

Child of Silence
Sweet Sacrifice: I thought it was crap before but now it?s just magnificently done however I it just ended too soon. 8/10 Call Me When You?re Sober: I actually adore this song, I love the organ use, the bridge and the string at the very last chorus. 10/10 Weight of The World: Catchy and very different from all Evanescence work to date. 10/10 Lithium: I wasn?t nuts about the first time I heard this but it?s probably one of the best song on the album. 10/10 Cloud Nine: There?s nothing I can say about this masterpiece but perfect, my favorite song on the album. 10/10 Snow White Queen: Probably the verse was a little boring but the chorus, the bridge, the strings, guitars, vocals and the ending made up for the verse. It?s really eerie and dreamy. The beginning and the second verse are almost identical to Even In Death through the use of sound effect and the low registered voice. 10/10 Lacrymosa: I love this song, it may be different from the clip but it?s just extravagant though I prefer it to be longer. 10/10 Like You: Better than Hello that?s for sure, the vocals are really strong and the lyrics are just intense. The song is both mournful and hopeful. 10/10 Lose Control: probably one of the most experimental song on the album, my only complaint is that you can barely hear her voice. I also love the piano in this song since it?s very playful. 7/10 The Only One: I love everything about this song, a little boring at the beginning but it?s still amazing. My only complaint is that this should have had an orchestra along with a choir and a guitar solo before the last chorus starst. 8.5/10 Your Star: I really love how she plays with her vocals in here, the choirs at the bridge made this song dramatic. 9.5/10 All That I?m Living For: The lyrics reminds of Imaginary don?t know why probably because of the ghost reference the song is good but I?m not really nuts about it, though the vocals and the guitars specially at the end is just spectacular. 8/10 Good Enough: Is this good enough, I think that it?s better than good enough. The piano intro is just magical, it?s enchanting it?s fantasy. probably one of the best piano ballad that Evanescence has put out. It?s hopeful yet it?s emotional too. Absolutely amazing. 10/10 Well from what I?m hearing from the leaked it?s just spectacular, no words can describe it, yes the voice is sometimes drowned out and the guitars may not be as experimental but it?s still wonderful, the lyrics may not be as poetic but this one is more creative and fearless. Overall rating 10/10. Hopefully the album ones are going to have a better quality of sound.

TOD and Origin
TOD also has this (slightly) Origin feel to it. just like the organs on CMWYS and Lose Control, while SWQ has the EID feel

Lithium might be the second single of the album!

Evanescence did it again with a promising album. Fantastic jobs, Amy, John, Rocky, Terry, (Will). Fantastic acoustic performance too.

What kind of review is this
The review stinks. This album is GREAT!!!

Wow, I never though that this album was AMAZING!!!!! I was disappointed by first listen but WOW, the second, third and so on is just fantastic. I love Weight of the World, Cloud Nine, Lithium, Snow White Queen, Your Star, Like You, CMWYS, Lacrymosa, The Only One and Good Enough. October is coming in fast.

Wonderful SPIN MAGAZINE review: 4/5 star Kerrang review: 4/5 star Kerrang Stairway to Heaven Amy Lee Hits An Unexpected Stride of Excellence The Open Door 4/5 When Ben Moody walked out on Evanescence in 2004 to pursue a career as a professional songwriter, it looked like he?d sent Amy on a one-way voyage up S*** Creek, taking all the spare paddles with him. As a guitar player, he was a somewhat disposable commodity, but as the main songwriter behind 2003?s 14-million selling ?Fallen?, he was a vital cog in the Evanescence machine, and such as, irreplaceable. Or so you?d think. Because not only does ?The Open Door? well and truly wipe the floor with ?Fallen?, it?s also a massive creative leap into territory more epic, exciting and musically fulfilling than its somewhat restrained predecessor. The whole mood throughout the album is one of elegant heaviness. The guitars are far more heavier than before for one thing - with the occasional riff even reminiscent of My Dying Bride levels of melodic darkness - but there?s also a much more prominent classical influence at work, with strings and choirs a major feature, all the while keeping a firm hold on their trademark dark pop-driven hooks and choruses. Countering all this classical flamboyance is a new grasp of Bjork-ish electronica that creates a subtler mood. Electronic drums, dirty bass, and distorted, sleazy vocals all make appearance during ?Cloud Nine? and ?Lose Control??s more reserved moments, before both songs explode with huge, thick groovy riffs and orchestral flourishes. During the moments where this pomp reaches fever pitch, such as on ?Snow White Queen? and ?Your Star?, Amy Lee?s vocals are immense, half hummable rock vocalist, half organ-throated operatic siren. And it sounds brilliant, particularily on album centerpiece ?Lacrymosa?, where the classical parts and incredibly heavy guitars entwine perfectly to create a stunning Wagnerian wall of choir-led dark majestry. Not that Evanescence are turning into Nightwish just yet, but there?s still an undeniably strong new classical learning among their trademark goth-edged metal. Long before a note of new music had even been written, sharp-clawed critics had written off a Ben Moody-free Evanescence as a one-legged David Beckham, a post-op Ron Jeremy, the photogenic, angel-voiced front-half of a pantomime horse. How ironic, then, that ?The Open Door? is an absolute cracker, and presents a watertight case that Moody buggering off was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to this band. Kerrang Review: Nick Ruskell 4/5

Addicted to TOD.
Easily the BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR. IF YOU?RE NOT AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS THEN LISTEN TO THE OPEN DOOR, but you have to listen to the songs more than once to have get the addictiveness going.

Funny, how many though the album is just full of Amy-Shaun type of song. Like You is another dedication to her sister, Good Enough is about feeling good enough after all the struggles they?ve been through, Your Star is about missing home, ATILF is about the hardship of the band, The Only One is about close minded people, Sweet Sacrifice is about her past relationship not Shaun, Snow White Queen is about her creepy stalker and Weight of the World is about her not wanting to be a role model to her fans since she knows that she is just doing music not therapy eventhough their music is already a therapy. Do some research before you post something stupid.

Well,they aren?t exactly rockers either so to be more correct - let?s say 8 slow songs. The album might work as a sleeping pill if you don?t mind listening to Amy Lee?s 3 year long relationship with Seether frontman Shaun Morgan where she treats him like dirty laundry. Way to go Amy, Shaun won?t sink as low as you doing payback songs.

No structures, yep. Meaning this album is AMAZING, VERY EXPERIMENTAL, MEMORABLE SONGS AND MEANINGS (The Only One, Lacrymosa, Weight of The World, Snow White Queen, Your Star, Good Enough, Lithium, Like You) LESS COMMERCIAL and Such, however did this review needs to listen to this cd more than once or twice or even 3 times, only those who appreciate ART will give it a chance before judgin them . 5 stars baby!!!

does that guy up the top even know what a ballad is?? 8 ballads my ass

A disappointment and truly overrated album. Much, much weaker than the debut. No memorable songs, boring melodies and choruses. One good song and that?s it. Listen before buying!

The new Evanescenece album is a disappointment: the songs are not well-structured and lack any suspense. Cheap sounding industrial samples add more confusion to the somewhat chaotic und uninspired arrangements. The record could have been saved by the vocal performance but when it comes down to it Amy Lee might have a beautiful voice but she is not really a great singer. Too bad!

This album definitely shows the departure of Moody. No hooks or memorible songs keep this cd from becoming a hit. There is no doubt that Evanescence fans will blindly buy this album and say that it is the best (just look at the posts!!!). You can?t judge a book by its cover, and this saying cannot be more true for Evanescence. Amy Lee?s voice is probably the best we?ve heard in years, but her lack of creativity is now becoming clear. She fumbles over chorus that should be easy for such a beautiful voice, especially in the single " Call Me When Your Sober". What kind of title is that for a single, let alone a single? This type of lyrics almost seems rushed in my point of view, even though Amy Lee spent three years on this. Also, the record company, Wind-Up, spent months remixing the single since they didn?t agree with her angle. Sounds to me some struggle to find herself after the band is on the verge of breaking up. What ever happen to melodic meanings and great undertones? They must have been missed over the past years. One of the biggest disappointments of the year!!!

This was worth the wait! One of my absolute favourites so far is "Lithium" Lets hope its not 3 years until the next one though.

This cd rocks. Check for details! They have free videos, pics, and Tour Information!

I will be burning untill the 3rd or Oct I love Amy Lee and her Band too

i love evanescence there great and so is there music this album is going to be amazing i wish them luck and hope there having fun

evanescence has always had a great sound, amy lee?s vocals are amazing! i havent come across another artist with her kind of talent. and i think she is still going to amaze us with this new cd.

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