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Soundtrack - Miami Vice

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Various
Artist discography


Miami Vice, Sonny Crocket & Rico Tubbs wasn?t those sweet classic 80?s characters with their awesome suits.
I remember that show very well and was watching it every Friday with a lot of excitement. The music was also very good with classic artists like Phil Collins, Glen Frey and not to forgot Jan Hammers instrumental masterpieces.
Their songs were not only damn good, they were also very suitable for the series and the scenes, at least from what I remember.
And since I haven?t watched the new movie starring Colin Farrell it?s impossible for me to judge if this soundtrack and its music will fit as good.
One thing is for sure, this album is not recommendable for any fan of rock, just because of the simple fact that it isn?t a rock soundtrack.. Audioslave has two songs featured in the movie, taken from their upcoming album in "Shape of Things to Come" and "Wide Awake".
But unfortunately they aren?t on the album here so the only rock highlight is Nonpoints cover ?In The Air Tonight?, which is good, but not exceptional.
Instead, this is a soundtrack with a far more electronic history, with artists like Moby, Goldfrapp and Mogwai that all does their thing very well of course.

So the best way to describe this album is probably to say that is lounge sounding with a pretty slow and also pleasant collection of songs.
Dreamy at times, more upbeat on the next track, very suitable for gyms and trendy restaurants if you?ll ask me. The problem though is that I can?t hear any classic tunes like on the original cds.
There are a handful of highlights here like Nonpoints cover, Mobys ?One Of These Mornings? and Mogwais soft "Auto Rock?, but can?t hear any tune that will be played in ten years or so. This will work good as background music, but as an owner of many lounge albums, all I can say is that there are plenty of better ones. Start with any ?Caf? Del Mar? record instead.


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