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Soundtrack - Snakes On A Plane

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: New Line
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


Snakes on a plane is one of this year?s most talked about movies and ofcourse it gets a soundtrack but this one is full of remixes instead of unreleased songs which is a shame.

New songs:
Cobra Starship (feat.members of The Academy Is & The Sounds)-Snakes On A Plane (hip hop rock in the Teddybears vein,quite an average song)
Cee-Lo Green-Ophidiophobia (R&B tune with hit potential that his fans will love)
Trevor Rabin-Snakes On A Plane The Theme (Trevor is the master of pompous movie scores,play this one loud!)
Donavon Frankenreiter-Lovely Day (singer/songwriter in the Dave Matthews Band vein,groovy tune as a matter of fact)

Remixes of already released songs:
Panic! at the disco-The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage (A cool remix where the synthesizer gets a bigger role)
The Academy Is-Black Mamba (I prefer the album version,this one sounds like it?s made entirely for the dance floor)
The All American Rejects-Can?t take it (a laid back version in the Sade mood with Maroon 5 vibes,ok I guess)
The Sounds-Queen of apology (I love the rocking album version but this synthpop affair works too)
Fall Out Boy-Of All The Gin Joints In All the World (I?m not sure I appreciate this 80?s disco version of FOB?s catchy punkpop)
Gym Class Heroes-New Friend Request (I can?t tell the difference between the original and the remix when it comes to hip hop,a waste of studio time if you ask me)
The Bronx-Around The Horn (this hardcore act only lose power in this garage rock mix,crappy song that got crappier)
Armor For Sleep-Remember To Feel Real (I didn?t think it would work to hear a dance remix of this great emo band but this version is real cool)
The Hush Sound-Wine Red (this is a remix that actually sounds better than the original coz the new wave touch they gave it here are more fun to listen to than their indie rock)
Jacks Mannequin-Bruised (great song but this remix sounds close to the original so what?s the point?)
Coheed And Cambria-Wake Up (an acoustic version that feels a bit misplaced on this dancerock album)
Michael Franti & Spearhead-Hey Now Now (no it?s not the Swirl 360 hit,this is lousy Shaggy influenced tropico reggae)


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