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Pillar - The Reckoning

Reviewer :
Cor Jan Kat Format: Album
Release date: 2006-09-26 Year: 2006
Label: Flicker
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Travis Wyrick and Pillar
Artist discography


Pillar is a Christian numetal-band from Oklahoma that is building a fanbase since their debut ?Above? in 2001. After that two full-length albums followed in ?Fireproof?(2002) and ?Where do we go from here?(2004). Now, after 2 years of hard working with passion, the fourth album ?The Reckoning? will see the light of day on the 3rd of October.
I have to admit that I hadn?t heard their music until this new album so I had to check out their previous albums and I can easily say that this is by far their best album to date.
This album has many different styles of rock, so there will be something for almost everyone here. The main part consists of course of heavy stomping numetalsongs. Opener ?Everything? is a worthy opener with heavy guitarriffs and excellent vocals of frontman Rob Beckley. The album continues with the even better ?Awake?. Listen to the great melodic riffs on this song, awesome. Screaming vocals are also part of various songs. Mostly I am not into that kind of singing, but it doesn?t bother me on this album, because it is has a minor role.
?When tomorrow comes? is more melodic than the band has even been in the past. The heavy slow rockin? monster ?The Reckoning? is followed by the uptempo, screamin? ?Tragedy?. If you thought you had heard some riffin? until then, then I invite you to listen to the pre-chorus of this great song! One of the best songs of the album. The song is about our worst enemy. Most of the time we ourselves are our worst enemy.
The excellent powerballad ?Last Goodbye? continues strongly. Let Rob Beckley tell us what this song is all about: ?I was out with a friend who got a phone call that one of his sons was in a car wreck. On his way to the accident, he passed another wreck. As he pulled up to the first car wreck, he found out that his son was dead. Then he got a phone call that the wreck he had passed minutes earlier was his other son. So, both of his sons died in almost simultaneous car accidents. Take advantage of the opportunity to tell your spouse, parents, or kids that you care about them because you never know.?
?Angel in disguise? is a beautiful easy listening ballad with again strong and deep lyrics.
The heaviest riffs of this cd are surely on ?Crossfire?. This song is destined to blow you away! After this the train races on with ?Resolution? again a song with a great mix between powerriffs and melody.
When you thought you heard it all, then the band continues with the powerpop-song ?Something?! Yeh right?powerpop! A very nice surprise.
?Wherever the wind blows? is again an excellent ballad that preceeds ?Chasing shadows at midnight? the final song of this great album.
The band sailed a different course on this album than on the other albums, but they won?t let their fans down and they will gain a lot more! Highly recommended.

Tracklisting 1. Everything
2. Awake
3. When Tomorrow Comes
4. The Reckoning
5. Tragedy
6. Last Goodbye
7. Angel In Disguise
8. Elysian
9. Crossfire
10. Resolution
11. Sometimes
12. Wherever The Wind Blows
13. Chasing Shadows at Midnight


Melodic Net Comments 

This past year my dad or ´´Big Dude´´ told me about Pillar cause i was really getting into hard rock.I sampled there music on Hackmans .com and I´ve been abbsessed with them ever since.And i was so exited when my dad was going to take me to one of theif concerts.I think they are the best hard rock group in the WORLD!!!!!!!!
2007-05-06 20:38:45

I think that ´´Pillar´´ is the best christian rock groups and god is proud of them.
2007-05-06 20:30:51

Awesome album for lovers of hard rock who become born again christians!
2007-03-15 04:01:35

Wooohoooo, rock on Pillar !!!!!

These guys totally wail. The first time I ever heard their music was when they were on tour with POD last year. I was like, where have I been? Then I was like, "dugh, South Carolina". And all this while I was watching them perform live in California. I delight in turning people onto a good deal just like anyone, and Pillar has given me that licence for free. I have a new edge everytime I hear that song "Everything". Pillar "RAWKS!"

Pillar will have no problem getting attention with the new album "The Reckoning" since it will appeal to a broader mainstream fan base. Great live show last night in Nebraska from the band along with Day of Fire, Showdown, and Decipher Down! Pillar is an extremely seasoned band and my advice is to go see them soon.

Im 42 and ive seen pillar once and going to see them sunday again. The new album is awesome. It should be the best album of the year. Pillar keep up the great work. God has blessed all four of you guys. Rock on guys


tHe bIg pUniSheR
Yeah! Its the best rock album of the year 2006! I will try to buy the Special Edition of "The Reckoning". It will take some time until it will be able in Germany. Go Get it!!! God Bless forever. He is the infinite reason of all beeing!

Smacky X
This album is sadly uninspired... it is more diverse then their other albums but within their rock/nu-metal genre they do NOTHING to set themselves apart... The word I?ve consistently used to describe this album to others is ?mediocre?; nothing grabs me or excites me or stands out. It?s very run-of-the-mill ?radio? rock but without anything special to actually garner legitmate radio success (aside from being the poster boys for youth group rock)

Awesome cd!

R. L. Kelsior
Amazing. I love that they didn?t feel confined to their previous styles, and branched out a little. And they actually do some real singing in this! It?s awesome! love it; my favorites are Everything, Awake, When Tomorrow Comes, Angel In Disguise, Sometimes, and Chasing Shadows at Midnight. You rock, Pillar. Keep it up, y?all.

Sounds Great Guys, Alittle less hard than the last one, But still Some great Tunes, Some easy listenin music to calm the muscles lol!

Hmmm... they don?t sound near as hard as Where Do We Go From Here. I love me some Pillar, but I?m a little dissapointed. Most of the tunes were slow. I bet they are "good songs", but need a little more yelling and a little less melodizing sometimes. Check out Skillet?s new stuff for some amazing tunes

Song samples at:

how are you people listening to this album? i can?t find it anywhere on the internet.

This is going to be the breakout, smash hit record of the year. Pillar, prepare to skyrocket to the top! Blastoff baby.

sweet home minnesota
the best music i?ve ever heard.

Christian rock at its very finest! Doesn?t get any better than this, guys and gals. ?Infectious? is the only word befitting the tunes on this album. Can?t wait for my hard copy to get here so I can listen to this on the road. ?Awake? is my fave!

I love PILLAR! They ROCK!

I would expect nothing but the best from the guys. Rob you know how to move a crowd and get them into the music before it even starts. Lester, your sick man, sick. I have never seen a better drummer in my entire life. You guys ROCK!

This is the best album ever! Screaming and metal/hard rock songs are all on this cd. Buy it now! Go! NOW!!

2006 Album of the Year!! Streaming for about a month on crappy apartment wireless, I?ve practically forgotten that I have other songs on my hard drive that won?t be interrupted by network drop outs! Personal favorites are impossible to pick! "The Reckoning" will be hard to beat; I hope Pillar realizes how high they?ve set the bar!!!!!

mrs.Jeter to be
Awesome..highly rock my soul!!

Pre ordered it, can?t wait..


"The Reckoning" is going to be THE album to get this year! It?s got a little something for everyone, but still remains true to the Pillar sound. My favorite, thus far, has got to be "Crossfire"!

Chasing Shadows At Midnight is a song that really grows on you with multiple listens, even if it doens?t catch you on the first hear though.

I love ya?ll the music ya?ll play its so in style and its awsome

This is easily their best cd. I agree with everything in the review except Chasing Shadows At Midnight is one of the best on the cd. The lyrics will ring true to so many and the music is incredible. When you get your hands on this cd you won?t be letdown...but you will be blown away.

This is the album that will bring Pillar to the masses. It gets 5 stars from me and if I could add an extra star I would. I have been a fan since Fireproof and I must say that this is their best album yet! Its a must buy for any Pillar fan or anyone that?s looking for an Awesome rock album. It has the potential of being "Rock album of 2006". Great job Pillar for making such an Awesome album! Anyone who?s interested in picking up this album should check out for all the great pre-order deals going on as well as learning more about the this Awesome band.

I agree with these Comments. I have pre-ordered this album and I have been listening to it non-stop since a month ago when I first listened to it. These Songs are amazing. Some of them aren?t as hard as on Where Do We Go From Here, but they are better. Crossfire,The Reckoning, and Tragedy are my personal Favorites on this album. The others are also great.Chasing Shadows at Midnight, Awake,When tomorrow comes are great transition songs. And the Ballads bring a great slow prescence to the album. Slow and Hard rock on this album. If you want a great album. I Definitely recommend THE RECKONING! IT ROCKS!

Wow! I have the privelege of listening to this cd before it releases on 10.03.06. However, I am forced to stream it with the not-so-great RealPlayer quaility. And Even STILL, This cd, I concur with Corey, is one of the Best Rock Albums to Hit America in 2006. Without A Doubt, this album is a phenomenal work of art, and the passion and hard work behind this album is clearly seen. Not one track is what I call "skippable." Pillar continues to Amaze me, and I will always be a fan. Two thumbs up, Five Stars. My Personal Favorites Include: Resolution, Chasing Shadows At Midnight, Sometimes, Tragedy, Crossfire, The Reckoning, Awake, When Tomorrow Comes, Everything, The Last Goodbye, Wherever The Wind Blows, Elysian and Angel In Disguise. Co-incidently, Every track is a "Personal Favorite..." This is Must-Buy!

Totally agreed. One of the best albums of the year, and I?m surprised that they changed a bit in their style. It?s so much melodic, so much modern rock.. Congrats guys, you made a strong and unforgettable album. My favorite tunes are Angel In Disguise, Chasing Shadows At Midnight, Everything, When Tomorrow Comes, Tragedy.

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