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Dark Lunacy - The Diarist

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Fuel/Frontiers
Genre: Metal
Producer: Dark Lunacy/Fredrik Nordstrom
Artist discography


Dark Lunacy is an Italian deathmetal band that combines classic death metal with goth influences and church choirs, you could say it?s like hearing a mix of Within Temptation and Opeth.
"The Diarist" is their 3rd album and it?s all well performed and well produced but the lack of good songs makes this album a bit boring since it?s 1 hour long.
This is a concept album on the siege of Leningrad during the 2nd World War, lyrics are basically taken off a diary written in those bloody days with a full historical portrait of deep feelings of hope that arise beneath all destruction.
The might opening track "Aurora", the suggestive "Play dead" and the 7 minute long "On memory White Sleigh" are songs that stand out but not enough to make this piece of work worth investing in.
The music is melodic but the growls take over too much and the final result is nothing but an affair of monotone metal.

Tracklisting 1. Aurora
2. Play Dead
3. Pulkovo Meridian
4. The Diarist
5. Snowdrifts
6. Now Is Forever
7. On Memory'S White Sleigh
8. Heart Of Leningrad
9. Prospekt
10. Motherland
11. The Farewell Song


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