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Europe - Secret Society

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Sanctuary
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


Europe has definitely grown into their new suit of the modern hardrock they first delivered on their comeback album "Start from the dark" from 2004 that resulted in a world tour and a live DVD.
"Secret society" ain?t as Norum dominated as the previous album was, this new album is more Joey Tempest than Norum but the downtuned riffs show up from time to time making this a real heavy album as well.
I also believe "Secret society" feels more bright compared to the dark rock on "Start from the dark", there are a few songs on the previous album that feels a bit stronger than these new songs but I think the new album is more even and has a more suitable sound for this modern direction Europe has taken.

The new single "Always the pretenders" has it?s given place on a Best of compilation but I also would like to point out the strong "Let the children play" that is beautifully arranged with a children choir plus outstanding vocals from Tempest.
But the best track of the album is the laid back and bluesy "Wish I could believe" that very well could?ve been recorded by The Panic Channel.
Brilliant artwork from Storm Thorgersson!

Tracklisting 1. Secret Society
2. Always The Pretenders
3. The Getaway Plan
4. Wish I Could Believe
5. Let The Children Play
6. Human After All
7. Love Is Not The Enemy
8. A Mother's Son
9. Forever Traveling
10. Brave And Beautiful Soul
11. Devil Sings The Blues


Melodic Net Comments 

Huxx Flux

No other band could ever replace them in my heart!!!

Peter Larsonn
Hey, anybody else noticed that if you play the synth intro to ´Human After All´ backwards and speeded up, it sounds just like The Final Countdown´ keyboard melody. Is that scary or cool.
2007-05-22 17:15:12

Just love this album, Europe gets better with age! this totally kicks ass and it´s my favorite record of 2006!, keep on rock the night Europe! this is the right way!
2007-04-07 16:56:34

Sven Thomasson
Make no mistake, these guys are some of the best players of their respective instruments in the world, and it shows on this record. Great songs, great melodies, great choruses, great production. And if all this sounds like gross exaggeration, then listen for yourselves. This is a ROCK album which has the glowing charisma of greatness. This album gets 4.5 stars from me because I have to leave open the possibility that they may release an even better album, since this band seem to be one of those very rare and special bands that just keep getting better and better with time.

dan magliette
What can I say? Another top album from one of the most, if not, the most underated band ever to hit the music industry. Just seems they get better with time. This album should be in every rockers collection. And to all you who said in the 80?s these guys are not rockers, sit back and listen to Secret Society, its time to choke on those words. This album has all of the essentials to a true rock band. Put the cd in the cd player, relax, and Rock The Night Away......

Paul Martin
This record hasn?t left the CD player in my car since it was released, and I?m still not bored of playing it and think it will be a very long time indeed before I am. This album just confirms what I have long believed about this band, namely that they must surely be one of the most underrated bands in the whole history of rock music. Overlook this album and you will be missing an absolute gem.

Paul Faulkner
I think this is a fantastic album, and shows just how much this band?s sound has evolved and matured over the years. It is predominantly very contemporary in the style and sound. Many of these songs are instantly catchy and memorable, more so than the previous album. It keeps growing on you and is a super album despite the characteristically restrained nature of some of the vocals.

Angela Svenson
Brilliant Stuff. Europe really hit the nail on the head with this one. Great songs, lyrics melodies and production. Start from the Dark was very good but this album is better by a country mile. Every track is either very good or outstanding IMO.

Dave Larsson
WOW. This album rocks!!!! There isn?t a single weak song or one that makes you want to hit the skip button on this album. It?s hard to pick a standout track simply because every song on this album is just awesome. ??Always the Pretenders?? is just great, but I would have to say the best track on this album is the driving and rhythmic ??Love is not the Enemy??. Europe have approached their new songwriting very intelligently, and somehow very cleverly managed to make the songs very modern sounding and yet at the same time very familiar as Europe. There is also a fair amount of keyboards in the background adding a touch of magic and atmosphere to the songs. There are unmistakeable classic rock influences from the 70?s here, blended with contemporary styles too. For me personally I would have to say I think this is the best album they have ever done, both in terms of:- quality and catchiness of songs, standard of production (done by the band) and musicianship, and lyrical substance. The album is typical of Europe in that it grows on you more with each listen. Great band, and a classic album which further goes to show what hugely skilled and talented musicians, songwriters and technicians these guys are.

I think this is their best album yet.

Mark Chaplin
Once again Europe punch their critics in the guts with a fabulous album. Start from the Dark was an excellent album in my opinion, but I have to say that I like this new one even more. Much as I love the sound from the 80?s, I have to say this album may well turn out to be my favourite album by the band to date. The songs are in my view catchier than the last album, and I also prefer the production sound the guys have given it too. This is the sound of a band progressing and re-inventing themselves in a creative and brilliant way. Well done Europe!!

Peter Mellberg
- This is their best album ever and best of 2006. The more you listen the better it gets. Actually all songs are very good. A miracle.

This is Raphael from Taiwan. It?s so nice to see you guys supporting Europe. I?m their biggest fan. Forever. I do wish they can have a concert in Taiwan very soon. I will be there for sure. Secret Society is a brilliant album! Raphael

great album that took a few listens to appreciate how good it is. i have loved this band since 1986 and was a bit dissappointed with start from the dark but this is outstanding. cant wait to see them live again in london.

Best album ever!!!

Vladi from Bulgaria
Brilliant album. Excellent voices and music. Well done EUROPE.

I Like Chocolate
Only few words: This album is more more more more more than fantastic! Great EUROPE

Border Rat
My favourite Europe album is Prisoners in paradise. Although this is a modern heavy album it is very melodic and well played.The solos by John Norum are excellent and Joey?s vocals are top quality as always. This cd will be in my Top 5 of 2006.

Amazing! This new Europe?s cd is definitely a step higher than SFTD, proving they have come back for real! The whole band spits fire in tunes like "Love is not the enemy" "Let the children play". Aggressive and powerful, melodic and touching with a super modern sound; with Secret Society Europe have left the Eighties behind without regret, still playing pure classical hard rock. A must! See u on tour guys!

Keeps growing inside me... Made a success on a party last night. I was there!

When I bought this album I bought it simply on the basis of them being "Europe". I had been disatisfied with their re-uniting album "Start from the Darl" when it came out in 2004, until I saw them live at the Hammersmith in London that same November. As a fellow Swede I had expected more from Sweden?s biggest heavy metal export. But, that album blew me away after that. It took some listeing to. Same thing when I first heard this album. I thought, hey, it?s not as heavy as the last one and I was kind of disappointed in that. God forbit they had decided to do a pop-metal album again!! However, after a couple of listens I realised how absolutely brilliant this album is. Always the Pretenders is a stunning first single and probably the catchiest tune on the album. Scratch the surface and you?ll find lots more. "Forever Travelling" and "Wish I Coule Believe" most notebly - leaves me speechless. And, if you listen carefully to "Devil Sings the Blues" you realise exactly how similar the guitar sound is to Dave Murray/Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden. My advice - buy this album! If you are indeed expecting a classic 80s Europe album go buy their old stuff if you don?t already have it. If you want a new Europe, a forward-looking Europe, go and get it. Looking forward to seeing them live in February in London!!! Henke (in London)

I?m not sure this is the best that my favorite band can do. There is more. I want more. I?m happy that the new album is out, but it?s not "out of this world". Maybe I have to listen it till I realize that I like it. "Secret Society" sounds like EUROPE is searching for some kind of change of their immage, but they are loosing their own individuality in experiments. I thing that "Start From The Dark" fits them better. I wish them succes.

Very Nice!
this is the best! unbeleivable! nothing like The Final Countdown at all! FREAKIN AMAZING!!

Gi Eno
The album is awful! There is no style or originality, only Norum?s agressive riffs... And Tempest sings very very strange. I?m dissatisfied.

A timeless record. I keep on listening day and night, it?s flawless. Great production, great lyrics, great riffs, great harmonies. I?m looking forward to see them on a concerte. Europe stood the test of time. I?m proud that I?ve recognized their quality 20 years ago.

they are my hero!...

richard bosch (chucho)
this album is fantastic , always the pretenders,let the children play,human after all,forever,travelling,devil sings the blues, i love this album, congratulations europe, im from of URUGUAY(sudamerica) europe please sud american tour in 2007 please

HELL YEAH! I BOUGHT THIS ALBUM TODAY! AND I CAN JUST SAY WOOOOW!!! THIS IS SO GREAT! This is an intelligent record with really good lyrics and music...This must be one of the best releases this year.. This album will shock alot of people and I wouldn?t be suprised if it went high in the charts! :D.... Good work Europe! This is you?re best album since the 80?s...

This is miracle! A gift from God,and Band of course!

Intelligent and inspiring lirics, well built rock sound, some touches of originality, musicians with a direction and patience... the downfall: a cracking hit to make us turn our heads.


Alexis (of Uruguay)
This is the best album of 2006, Europe for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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