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Billy Klippert - Naked and the simple truth

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Orange/Universal
Genre: AOR
Producer: Matt DeMatteo
Artist discography


The first album from Canadian Idol runner up Billy Klippert felt more like a puzzle of pieces taken from varied directions but it still was a real good modern hardrock album.
Billy co-wrote 6 songs on his debut with Harry Hess of Harem Scarem producing it, the album also featured 4 covers of Elton John?s "Levon", Harem Scarem?s "Waited", Harry Hess solo album track "Just another day" and Pete Lesperance solo track "Scars".
On his new album "Naked and the simple truth", the Harem Scarem vibes are still all over it but this time the album feels more like a complete effort instead of songs taken from all kinds of places.

Producer Matt DeMatteo (Danko Jones, Big Wreck, Mobile) knows that Billy is a rocker at heart and won?t let his songs get vanished in a labyrinth of mainstream pop.
There?s a good variety of midtempo radio ready songs, ballads and upbeat hardrocking tracks on this album - it never feels boring to listen to and the new single "Going under" is just excellent where my thoughts go to Robbie Williams "Advertising space" but with a heavier approach ofcourse.
Straight ahead rockers like "Involved" and "Hold on" sure could be featured on the upcoming Harem Scarem album, and I can?t recall any song as hardhitting as "Wretched thing" on his debut.
Klippert is going in the right direction for sure!

Tracklisting 1. Going Under
2. Wretched Thing
3. Hold On
4. Overload
5. She Comes In Waves
6. Killing Me
7. Involved
8. Jenny
9. Everything To Lose
10. Naked And The Simple Truth
11. Katie


Melodic Net Comments 

Billy Klippert´s album " Naked and The Simple Truth is a Definate #5. We "Billy" fans love this guys singing. I also think the his album is way better that his first. Billy put a lot of work into this one and I for one think it is truely awesome.
2007-05-02 01:52:39

Can´t even begin to tell you how amazing this album is. It is heartfelt, raw and tantalizing. Billy Klippert makes Canadian Music proud.
2007-05-02 00:39:18

Billy Klippert´s raw talent is written all over this album. It´s a rock album that he should be very proud of. It´s hard-hitting and gripping. Makes you really feel what he is feeling through every song. "Naked and the Simple Truth" is very impressive and the vocals are just phenomenal.
2007-05-01 21:17:32

Naked And The Simple Truth is a CD that you must have in your collection. Billy Klippert is a true Canadian artist with a fabulous voice. A CD that you´ll want to listen to over and over again. Maybe even buy multiple copies.
2007-05-01 19:24:39

This album is great! Unlike the first cd this album shows us the true Billy!!! This is a CD I can listen to from start to finish, and I always have it with me.
2007-05-01 18:56:17

Diana M.
I am loving Billy´s new CD! I could listen to Wretched Thing repeatedly, I try to take it everywhere, on the way to & from work, and it´s a great CD to listen to while walking the dog :) My only problem is I need to buy another copy, my first copy is signed by the man himself and I´m worried about wearing off the signature! Buy it if you can find it, and if you can´t find it, request it at your local music stores!!!
2007-05-01 09:22:57

Alicia G
Billy´s new record is awesome and the songs are absolutely fantastic, I find it to be different from the first record but on this one as Judy Jarvis pointed out-the songs on the cd were all written by Billy and showcases his incredible and amazing talent. This is a cd to listen to, you won´t be disappointed.
2007-05-01 07:47:48

Judi Jarvis
Totally agree with you...Billy Klippert is certainly " a force to be reckoned with"....You did miss mentioning, however, that all songs on this album are originals, "penned" by the man himself.....Brilliant writing! ....a man "pouring out his soul" for the rest of us to share. I absolutely love this album!!!
2007-05-01 07:16:16

Sandy L
Billy Klippert´s Album - Naked and The Simple Truth is Awesome. I could listen to it day and night and never get tired of hearing the songs. This guy is totally awesome and I think he is going nowhere but Up. His first single "Going Under" was great, his second single, Wretched Thing is fantastic. For those who haven´t hear him, you´re missing out on a great talent. Get his album, you won´t regret it.
2007-05-01 05:45:00

It´s the most original rock music album I´ve ever listened to. I think the music of Billy Klippert stands apart from all the rest as this album tells what he is really all about. I love every song on the album, it´s a great CD to listen to and it just blows me away!
2007-05-01 04:55:19

Amazing Album!! You will love every song on this album. Truly mind blowing!
2007-05-01 04:22:38

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