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Winger - IV

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock,  Progressive metal
Producer: Kip Winger
Artist discography


Back in the early 90?s when MTV?s Beavis and Butthead made as much fun as they could with the name Winger, someone had to take a stand against these two clowns that apparently had no idea at all what type of music Winger played.
Their army of so called metalheads listened to metal that in fact was softer than Winger but the guys in this million selling band had the looks and lined up hits on the mainstream radio that usually only plays pop.

There?s more musicianship in Kip?s left hand than a whole armada of metal bands that hates the word wimp, this is without doubt the most underrated band in the world and trying singing a Winger song demands the same highpitch as Tony Harnell (ex.TNT) and the same power as Ronnie James Dio.
This band has developed their sound for each album and that is their strength, to always come up with great songs no matter what sound they?re exploring.
I would like to call it music for the thinking man, Kip and Co has a unique sound that can?t be compared to any other band out there - I hold "Rainbow in the rose" from "In the heart of the young" (1990) as the best hardrock song ever, a true anthem!
As many other bands from the 80?s era, Winger unfortunately released their mega strong third album "Pull" (1993) when the winds of the musicbusiness were changing thanks to the grunge genre and their label didn?t promote the album the way Kip wanted - it definitely deserved a better fate.

He went solo and became even more progressive, emotional and darker with his acoustic based solo albums - if you look deep down in his compositions you will hear influences from Peter Gabriel, King Crimson and Rush etc.
I have always hoped for a new studio album but never expected it to happen but thanks to Frontiers records and the band getting together for a reunion tour, the world will now see the release of their first album in 13 years.

Simply titled "IV" and the natural follow up to "Pull" with a touch of Kip?s solo albums, I have now lived with this cd over a month and felt it grow like no other album has for a long time.
The guitarwork from Reb Beach, John Roth and Cenk Eroglu is worth a prize on it?s own, best enjoyed with your headphones on ofcourse or you will miss lots of unexpected turns in the songs.
The BEST album of 2006 without competition!

Winger- s/t (1988)
Winger - Out for the count (track from Karate Kid 3 soundtrack) (1989)
Winger - In the heart of the young (1990)
Winger - Battle stations (track from Bill and Ted?s Bogus adventure soundtrack) (1991)
Winger - Pull (1993)
The Very Best of (2001)
Kip Winger - This conversation seems like a dream (1997)
Kip Winger - Made by hand (1998)
Kip Winger - Songs from the ocean floor (2000)
Reb Beach - Masquerade (2001)
XCarnation (Cenk Eroglu/Kip Winger) (2005)
The Mob (Reb Beach) (2005)

Tracklisting 1. Right Up Ahead
2. Blue Suede Shoes
3. Four Leaf Clover
4. M16
5. Your Great Excape
6. Disappear
7. On A Day Like Today
8. Livin' Just To Die
9. Short Flight To Mexico
10. Generica
11. Can't Take It Back


Melodic Net Comments 

Amazing album.

Winger fan
I really don?t like this album, i was expecting something like In the heart of the young.

Border Rat
This is an excellent album.The solo on A day like today is great. If you enjoyed Pull you should like this album.

Yep, its a good classic hard rock album. My fav is the closing track Can?t Take It Back, man, what an awesome hard rock tune with a headslashing solo there. Nice one Winger! Oh yes, and the cover of this album is one of the best i?ve ever seen. It?s just fantastic as it is!

Great album! Gets better each time i listen to it! Forget the headphones,if you got a good stereo,just crank it up!

Simple you say???? What planet are you from? Geez,I wish we were friends me and Kip.........

This album is annoying..... This music is very simple sounding, There is nothing here that even seems interesting...... 5 stars? Do you have a friend in the band?

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