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Winger - Live in Sala,Sweden

Winger - Live in Sala,Sweden

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Concert
Year: 2006
Label: Oct.14th
Genre: Hard Rock,  Progressive metal
Artist discography


I remember thinking on the way up to this gig in the car if this really was true, that the million selling band Winger were about to stand on stage in a club called Rockland outside the small town of Sala.
It felt pretty weird to go inside this club knowing that one of my favorite bands ever would actually stand on this stage, from sharing stages last year with Poison in the states in front of 9,000 to Sweden and a small crowd of 200 - what a change!
This night was special because it was the first show on their European tour, a reunion tour for the sensational comeback album "IV" that will hit the stores next week on Oct.20th.

But when Kip Winger, Reb Beach, John Roth and Rod Morgenstein finally entered the stage around 22.30 - magic was in the air and the small crowd was enthusiastic, the band looked hungry and fired away "Blind revolution mad" as a perfect opener.
The show couldn?t have started better, then they lined up the hits one by one and also played 3 songs off the new album that really sounded great or massive should be a more suitable word because the new songs are nothing but killers.
I knew Kip was a great singer but he sang even better live and he looked so relaxed while hitting those high notes in songs like "Madalaine" and "Junkyard dog".
The band felt tighter than ever and when they pulled off a new ending to "You are the saint,I am the sinner" - drummer man Rod Morgenstein showed that he?s one of the best out there.

As I said, the crowd was small but cheered along and sang loud to hits like "Miles away", "Can?t get enuff" and "Down incognito".
They blew the roof off with "Headed for a heartbreak" and "Rainbow in the rose" with Kip handling the keys, probably their best songs ever and also the main reason why I give this show 5 out of 5 stars!

1.Blind revolution mad
2.Loosen up
4.Down incognito
5.Right up ahead
6.Rainbow in the rose
8.Your great escape
9.Reb Beach solo
10.Headed for a heartbreak
11.Junkyard dog
12.You are the saint, I am the sinner
13.Can?t get enuff
14.Easy come easy go
15.Miles away


Melodic Net Comments 

Patrik W
I have seen so many great concerts this year, so I was in fact rather disappointed. Kips vocals were OK, but I don?t see the point in drum solos and guitar solos in a 77 minute set. They entered the stage at 22.57, not 22.30. Since Kip didn?t play Seventeen in Stockholm in 1997, my hightlights of the show were Seventeen, Madalaine and the opening track of the new album Right Up Ahead.

-I Couldn?t agree more with previous reader...I prefer the harder trax so Junkyard dog just shattered my brain.But the real show stopper was in my opinion "Headed for a heartbreak".And my heart nearly stopped,coz it was just amazing...beyond belief!!!! A KILLER SET,from a KILLER band!!!!!!!!

What a Blast!! I was totally blown away! Awesome show! Hope to see more of Winger in Sweden :-) These guys know how to rock! Yeah!

Did you know that?

Winger guitarist Reb Beach was asked how he would describe the artists he has played with in one word. -Angel (about Alice Cooper), -My best friend (about Kip Winger), -Legend (about David Coverdale).

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