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6gig - Tincan Experiment

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2000-10-24
Label: Artemis
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Matt Wallace
Artist discography


I come to think about this album the other week when I was working on a new review and remembered 6gig as one of the first bands that introduced me to the numetal genre.
I was never a fan of this genre in the early 90?s but with bands like 6gig, Stereomud and Filter a whole new world opened up with a more melodic approach compared to the very agressive style of KoRn, Helmet and Deftones that started the whole thing.
6gig is now a defunct band where the members have continued in other projects such as Lost on Lift Off (reviewed at, MataHari and Ruler of The Raging Main.

Their debut "Tincan Experiment" is the album you should have in your collection if you?re a fan of melodic numetal, their follow up "Mind over mind" (2003) failed on many aspects - the songs weren?t there with a production that lacked power and a new drummer that just couldn?t fill the shoes of the late Dave Rankin who was found dead in his home in 2002.
No, get your hands on a copy of this one instead that contains the Active Rock breakout "Hit the ground".
Songs like the massive "Yesterday" and the King?s X smelling "Klones" will feed your numetal hunger just right.


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