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Simple Plan - No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Lava / Atlantic
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Arnold Lanni
Artist discography


Geeh - I am so bored with these Blink 182 - clones that are bopping
up all over. Here is another one. Theyre trying to be funny on the sleeve
with a nerd look, and the title of the album is so pathetic. Blah. So why in
the hell do I give these guys a great seven, you may wonder? It is because
the songs are so damn good. And then I havent mentioned the superb
production by former Frozen Ghost-man Arnold Lanni. Great sound all over -
with fat guitar licks and very nice harmonyvocals all over. The lack of
originality takes down the grading a bit. Get your own styles boys and well
talk. All in all - a sure check out if you like adrenaline pumped powerpop
in a 2000-costume.

Tracklisting 1. I'd Do Anything
2. The Worst Day Ever
3. You Don't Mean Anything
4. I'm Just A Kid
5. When I'm With You
6. Meet You There
7. Addicted
8. My Alien
9. God Must Hate Me
10. I Won't Be There
11. One Day
12. Perfect
13. Grow Up


Melodic Net Comments 


u no wat i do give a shit wat u fucking losers think because i no that they are the best band ever and i love them and their music so much. AND NOTHING U SAY TODAY IS GUNNA BRING THEM DOWN, SO SHUT UP

gay pop punk. Street punk is the only punk. JCHC!!!! these guys need Jesus

Chris Welsh
Man you guys suck. stupid emo kids.

amazing & awesome album!!
2004-03-01 09:03:13

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