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Hell In The Club - Let the games begin

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2011-01-20
Label: Avenue of Allies
Genre: Hard Rock,  Sleaze
Artist discography


If you get members from two Italian Heavy Metal bands Secret Sphere and Elvenking to form a band they would call it Hell In The Club. Yes, so is the case with this new band out of Italy. But soundwise this is very different from those bands because here we get sleazy hardrock in the same vein as Crazy Lixx and Crashdiet. I would not say these guys are as good yet, but this is not a bad album by no means.

The start of this album is very good, just listen to the tracks Never Turn My Back, Rock Down This Place and the first single On The Road where these guys show that there’s potential to make Hell In The Club the next big thing under the sleaze sky. But then they have to record an album that holds all the way because the second half of the album is average and the songs don’t catch my attention as strong as the first half. They got the sound and a first class production to make it sound huge. They just need to get the songs sound as good and they have proved on a couple of tracks that they can do that.

Never Turn My Back is a damn catchy rocker with great riffs and melodies. My personal favourite is the stunning On The Road, this is an ultra catchy song with a prime time chorus in the best Crazy Lixx style. A very solid album that has it moments, but it doesn’t hold all the way.

Tracklisting 1. Never Turn My Back
2. Rock Down This Place
3. On the Road
4. Natural Born Rockers
5. Since You Are Not Here
6. Another Saturday Night
7. Raise You Drinking Glass
8. No Appreciation
9. Forbidden Fruit
10. Star
11. Daydream Boulevard
12. Don't Throw In the Towel


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