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review - V3

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: MelodicRock Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: Andrew McNeice
Artist discography


I was really happy to receive the new MelodicRock compilation in the mail from Andrew McNeice because V3 is the best one so far.

1.Brother Firetribe-Midnight Queen
Taken from this Finnish strong debut album "False metal", a great way to start a compilation of melodic hardrock/AOR.
2.Novak-Said and done
A previously unreleased track from Swedish singer Andreas Novak written right after his MTM album "Forever endeavour" with performances from Tommy Denander and Daniel Flores, probably the best track I?ve heard from Novak in the best Skagarack vein.
3.Mike Tharin & Danny Vaughn-Released
Funny title because this song is an unreleased track from Canadian guitarist Mike Tharin and former Tyketto frontman, I like this powerballad a lot that brings thoughts to Tyketto?s first album and what can I say - Danny Vaughn sings great like the true AOR hero he is.
4.Tall Stories-Tomorrow
A song taken from the soon to be released 2nd Tall Stories album and the sound is reminiscent of their first album, a good rocker without standing out but Augeri pulls out a great vocal performance.
5.JK Northrup-So long
This beautiful midtempo song is taken from Northrup?s upcoming album "Wired in my skin" and if that album will continue in the same fine style, we?re up for something really extra because this is classy AOR like a mix of Grand Prix and TNT.
6.China Blue-Air to breathe
Another song meant for an upcoming album from a project feat. Tony Mills on vocals (Shy, TNT), Eric Ragno on keyboards (Takara, Vox tempus), Michael Riesenbeck on guitar (Alibi) and Rev Jones on bass (MSG). A pretty average AOR rocker with a production that needs more work.

7.Poley/Rivera-Only human
A demo version of a song that will be featured on Vic Rivera?s upcoming album, this demo sounds great and has that classic 80?s sound. Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley didn?t make anyone happy with the failure of Melodica but here he shows his best side again with a true L.A-ish AOR song
8.Stereo Fallout-Go
ex.40 FT Ringo has recorded a super strong modern rock/powerpop album under the new name of Stereo Fallout and this catchy rocker is one of the best tracks on this compilation, vocalist Steve Brown is an underrated artist for sure.
9.Kee Marcello-Wherever you go
A demo version of a song that will be featured on Kee?s next album, it sounds nothing like his previous hardrock album "Melon demon divine". No, this is more of a mix between Easy Action and Europe (their modern sound) with The Police sounding guitars on the bridge - it?s really cool that Kee sounds like Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt) when he sings.
10.Crush 40-Never turn back
I must admit that I?m no fan of this band?s computer game hardrock they delivered on the debut but this darker song has a touch of modern hardrock a la Winger and Nightranger?s "Feeding off the mojo" and I like it a lot, it?s also hard to hear that it?s Johnny Goeli (Hardline) singing.
11.Edge of Forever-Distant voices
An unreleased pompish AOR song from EOF that is actually quite good but I miss some power in the production, Alessandro Del Vecchio sings ok but I miss Bob Harris!
12.Pride of Lions-Kayla
A piano based upbeat track that was meant for POL?s "Destiny stone" but was lifted off because Serafino of Frontiers records didn?t like it, however he should reconsider it and release it on a future release because this song?s great!

13.Redrum-No turning back
Here he is again, the German singer Michael Bormann in a new project and just as often deliver fine melodic hardrock in the vein of Jaded Heart and Tyketto.
Spanish female fronted AOR band with a new song taken from their upcoming album "Another dawn" feat. guest vocals from Steve Overland (FM), perhaps I would?ve enjoyed this in the 80?s but it?s just too ordinary now.
Japanese bonus track from the album "Yeah" that was meant for Jorn Lande to sing on but he joined Masterplan and Swedish vocal god Matti Alfonzetti stepped in instead, couldn?t ask for a better replacement - but I ask myself why the Japs always has to have the best songs all the time?
16.Tor Talle & Rob Moratti-Playing with fire
Original song title - NOT!....hahahaha but if we?ll skip a trifle like that and focus on the song, this is a real nice unreleased AOR song with stunning vocal harmonies from Final Frontier singer Rob Moratti.
17.Harem Scarem-Coming for you
A real gem for HS fans since this a previously unreleased demo track from the early years, the chorus is ok but the harmony vocals lifts the song to another level.
18.Urban Tale-Paris farewell
This is an unreleased track and leftover from UT?s "Signs of times" album, a good ballad that ends this compilation in a fine way.


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