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12 Stones - 12 Stones

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2002-04-23 Year: 2002
Label: Wind-Up Entertainment
Genre: Post Grunge
Producer: Jay Baumgardner
Artist discography


Here we have a new modern rock group that I think can be very successful in the Us. The are the same label(Wind up) as Creed and have also been touring with them. With that kind of promotion the really have had a good push in their career. Musically 12 Stones are into metallic modern rock group like Adema and Seven Channels. They doesnt feel that tough compared to groups like Stereomud and Systematic but theyre edgy enough if youre into the little tougher modern rock. The level of the songs is very good with consistent songs all through and with no really sucker. My suggestion is that you surf to their website and listen to clips of "Open your eyes" and the Foo Fighter:ish song "The way I fell" and get your own opinion. But if you like the groups Ive mentioned its just a waste of time cause this is a really nice modern rock album.

Tracklisting 1. Crash
2. Broken
3. The Way I Feel
4. Open Your Eyes
5. Home
6. Fade Away
7. Back Up
8. Soulfire
9. In My Head
10. Running Out of Pain
11. My Life
12. Eric's Song


Melodic Net Comments 

Really good, but all tracks are in the same style, with some variety and change it would be better.
2003-05-16 15:39:35

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