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Saliva - Blood Stained Love Story

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Island Records
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Bob Marlette
Artist discography


It?s been 3 years since Saliva?s latest and disappointing album "Survival of the sickest", can the band still deliver on the long awaited brand new album "Blood stained love story"?
The answer is YES!
It?s nice to see the band working with my favorite producer Bob Marlette again, the first single "Ladies and gentlemen" was a step back to the sound on "Every six seconds" (2001) with a chorus that reminded of "Click click boom".
After 2 spins in my headphones, I thought they were softer than before like a sister to "Back into your system" (2003) that was their most melodic album up to now.
You haven?t heard Saliva this melodic, I think some fans might think they are too poppy on "BSLS" but I must say that I love this sound so much that I wanna say it?s their best album so far.
You get the typical Saliva riffs on excellent tracks like "King of the stereo" and "Black sheep", the radio ready "Going under" sounds like a super hit in my ears and the unbelievably catchy "Twister" will knock you down for sure.
One of my favorite tracks is "Broken sunday" that features some amazing harmonies that puts Saliva back on the throne of modern rock.

Tracklisting 1. Ladies and Gentlemen
2. Broken Sunday
3. Never Gonna Change
4. King Of The Stereo
5. One More Chance
6. Going Under
7. Twister
8. Black Sheep
9. Starting Over
10. Here With You


Melodic Net Comments 

i just love the song Ladies And Gentelmen by them... i just cant get enough of it.........BOOM do u whant it BOOM do u need it BOOM

Bengt Rist
I just red Stephen Thomas Erlewine?s (allmusic) review on this record, and as the allknowing narrator he is, he goes on about how out of time, out of fashion and how stuck they are in the late 90s. Here is some of the things he wrote:"they (Saliva) also try to expand they?re horizons, usually trough flourishes that sounds like 90s heavy rock cliches that they haven?t gotten around to yeat". and "blood stained love story float outside of time, as if it were a record designed to rule the charts in 2000 instead of 2007, but even as saliva tries to reconnect with their heavy rock of their first albums-even reuniting with their first producer Bob Marlette- they cant escape the fact that they sound like a band that has been toiling away for a decade, turning into professionals along the way. There is not much hunger here, but there is precision, along with the creeping sense of maturity in how they polish their craft and now sound more comfortable with power ballads than they do with hard rockers".And "the album winds up emphasizing Saliva?s odd midlife crises:they?re still heavy rockers at heart, but they?re now too clean and inadvertently nostalgic to appeal to younger rockers and they?re not accomplished or polished enough to cross over to a wider audience, so they wind up appealing to just hardcore fans who have stuck with them for five or ten years and who are also caught at the crossroads of facing maturity without wanting to embrace it, so they wind up reliving the past to steadily diminishing returns". Well, thats some of mr.Erlewines comments. friends feel free to comment on his considerations. I think that mr. Erlewine just has to take a look at the recent weeks billboard charts to understand that this type of music is just as popular as it ever was. Personllay I would like to say that I am not a hardcore fan of Saliva, so I guess I am the wider audience that mr.Erlewine claims this Saliva record wont cross over to.This is by far the best Saliva record in my oppinion. It has just the right amount of rockers and powerballads mixed together (the beautiful "here with me" even flirts with the Nashville countrypop ballads, and I find that a little daring and challanging, others might say provocative.), and that has always been a good recipe for a rock record, especially if you want to sell large numbers of copies of it, which I expect both Saliva and the record company wants to do.I have only one question for mr.Erlewine:What is wrong with making good melodies on a rock record?

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