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Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Island Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Neal Avron
Artist discography


I really enjoyed Fall Out Boy?s last album but their new one is even better, this time they have recorded a stronger album from start to finish.
On one point you could compare it with My Chemical Romance new album "Black Parade" in that meaning that these two albums will be the most important ones in their career, they do not soundalike though so get that out of your heads.
FOB still focuses on infectious melodies in a punkpop suit but wrap it up in a luxurious package of powerpop extravaganza and crunchy guitar riffs.

The first hit single "This ain?t a scene, it?s an arms race" is one perfect pop song that should conquer the world if there?s any sense at all to this music world.
The opener "Thriller" is a smash and also my favorite track on the album, those electric riffs truly glows through the whole song but the melodies from vocalist Patrick Stump takes the song to higher plateau.
"I?m a lawyer...." and "Thanks for the memories" sounds like future hits in my ears, great songs.
Supertramp meets Queen in the closing track "I?ve got all this ringing in my ears", excellent song and if you?re dying to get as much as possible from this band - make sure you check out the U.K version with the bonus track "g.i.n.a.s.f.s".

Tracklisting 1. Thriller
2. "The Take Over, The Breaks Over"
3. This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race
4. I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)
5. Hum Hallelujah
6. Golden
7. Thnks fr th Mmrs
8. Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?
9. The (After) Life Of The Party
10. The Carpal Tunnel Of Love
11. Bang The Doldrums
12. Fame < Infamy
13. You're Crashing, But You're No Wave
14. I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers
1. G.I.N.A.S.F.S.
2. It's Hard To Say "I Do", When I Don't
3. Dance, Dance - Live From Hammersmith Palais
4. This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race - Live From Hammersmith Palais
5. Thriller - Live From Hammersmith Palais


Melodic Net Comments 

I want this album so bad! Fall Out Boy rocks..... Haters can take it somewhere else don hate you know you love em.. espesially the one who plays the guitar lol!!

Hilary Vineyard
I want this album so bad!

Kaj is right, this is a stronger album in every department. The songs are better, the band sounds more mature and the production is outstanding. If this record is not at the top of the charts in the next couple of weeks, I for one will be very surprised.

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