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Pink Cream 69 - In10sity

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock,  Power Metal
Artist discography


Today when you see the name Dennis Ward on a record then you know that it´s quality stuff, almost every time. Now Dennis is back with his main band the German melodic rockers PC69 and here they are with their 10th studio album and a new label. After huge success with Sunstorm and Place Vedome to name some of his latest work as producer and bassplayer. I´ve been huge fan of this band since the early days with Andi Deris on vocals but they had a weak period in the mid 90s in my opinion. This new album is very typical PC69 sounding album and in places I think this is a very safe album. Don´t get me wrong I thinkt this is a very good album but it would not have hurt to have couple of real heavy rockers with big choruses. Many of the songs goes very much in the same tempo and style but they do it very good. Sound and productionwise this is a album in the big leagues and just listen to the fantastic David Readman on vocals, man how good this man can sing. Otherwise there is lots of brilliant melodies mixed with huge hooks, a powerful and dynamic sound. The start of the album is nothing but pure melodic hardrock with class for sure. Just listen to the powerful opening Children Of The Dawn and No Way Out that rocks really good with pounding drums filled with fantastic riffs and tons of melodies, great start of the album. Crossfire is the highlight of the album, what a song. This is a outstanding mid-tempo rocker with huge hooklines and a stunning chorus that gets in your head right away. If your looking for ballads you have to wait til´ the last song to hear one and that is the great Last Train To Nowhere. There is also a European bonus track called My Darkest Hour. Couple of songs at the end of the album has more of a filler feel over them, just nice without that extra. Another song to watch out for is the rocker I´m Not Afraid that has all the trademarks PC69 are known by, a classy song. A good album but very safe in my opinion and I´m sure fans of this band will blow their speakers with In10sity for sure. This is melodic hardrock done with all the right trademarks and Dennis Ward knows how to deliver it. A SURE BUY.

Tracklisting 1. Children Of The Dawn
2. No Way Out
3. Crossfire
4. I'm Not Afraid
5. A New Religion
6. The Hour Of Freedom
7. Stop This Madness
8. Desert Land
9. Out Of This World
10. It's Just A State Of Mind
11. Wanna Hear You Rock
12. My Darkest Hour
13. Last Train To Nowhere


Melodic Net Comments 

A classic from one of the best rock bands out there. Also check out Thunderdome and ELectrfied by the same.

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