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Winger - Demo Anthology

Winger - Demo Anthology

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2007-07-17 Year: 2007
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock,  Progressive metal
Artist discography


WAKE UP if your a Winger fan because here you get a fantastic 2-CD release with all the original demos from the 3 first albums and if that´s not enough you get 10 unreleased tracks in your service, how about that? This release is like candy for children because here you get to hear all your Winger songs how they sounded before they made it to the albums Winger(1988), In The Heart Of The Young(1990) and Pull(1993). The sound of this Demo Anthology is just amazing and you don´t have to be affraid that it will have a lousy demo quality, no because the production and sound of these demos are just great. It´s great to hear some of the songs because they sound a bit different. Just listen to keyboardparts on In The Heart Of The Young, great stuff. Never is a nice rocker that could have been taken from the debut. All I Ever Wanted is a fantastic Winger/Ratt rocker with lovely guitarriffs and hooks. Skin Tight is a average rocker and one of the weaker songs on this disc. Someday Someway is a good ballad but not in the same league as Miles Away. Written In The Wind (was on the first Khymera cd) is Winger when they are the peak, this is a marvellous AOR-rocker with a stunning chorus. Until There Was You sounds like it could have been on ITHOTY, great AOR-rocker. Without Warning is a pure Winger rocker with brilliant harmonies and a catchy chorus. Give Me More is a ok rocker that we can hear on the Best Of album from 2001 but has been changed to Hell To Pay. Only Love is another rocker that could have been on the debut, this song contains great keyboards. Star Tripper is the same song as You Are The Saint.... just a different title. First we got a brand new album last year and now they give us a chance to hear more stuff from this fantastic band, so don´t miss it. This is nothing but pure classic moment and it don´t get better than this. Kip & Co knows how to write good music and here is a fine prove for that. Get a copy of this Demo Anthology right now.

Tracklisting 1. Madalaine
2. Hungry
3. Seventeen
4. State Of Emergency
5. Time To Surrender
6. Hangin' On
7. Headed For A Heartbreak
8. Only Love
9. Can't Get Enough
10. Loosen Up
11. Miles Away
12. Easy Come Easy Go
13. Rainbow In The Rose
14. In The Day We'll Never See
15. Under One Condition
16. Little Dirty Blonde
17. Star Tripper
18. You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner
19. In The Heart Of The Young
1. All I Ever Wanted
2. Skin Tight
3. Someday Someway
4. Never
5. Blind Revolution Mad
6. Down Incognito
7. Spell I'm Under
8. Hour Of Need
9. Junk Yard Dog
10. The Lucky One
11. Like A Ritual
12. In For The Kill
13. No Mans Land
14. Who's The One
15. Written In the Wind
16. Until there Was You
17. Without Warning
18. Give Me More


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Did you know that?

Winger guitarist Reb Beach was asked how he would describe the artists he has played with in one word. -Angel (about Alice Cooper), -My best friend (about Kip Winger), -Legend (about David Coverdale).

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