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Gotthard - Domino Effect

Reviewer :
Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: AOR
Producer: Leo Leoni & Ronald Prent
Artist discography


This Swiss act just keeps getting better. I remember buying their early albums on recommendations and I almost hated them. No strength in the songs and no charisma to be found. Today this picture has changed all the way through. Any fan of HAREM SCAREM and PINK CREAM 69 should get the “Domino Effect” CD right away. Steve Lee by the microphone is now the kind of singer that wins the listener’s attention, because his voice is strong and interesting. He kind of owns the air, and it feels like he will never be out of key – he proved this when playing live at the Sweden Rock Festival the other year, too. Just hear a song like “Master Of Illusion” and “The Oscar goes to…” (good title) where I think of the “Electrified” album by PINK CREAM 69. Or the title track “Domino Effect” where I think of heavy HAREM SCAREM mixed with HELIX and even a bit of rough-edged TYKETTO. Even the ballads are top notch. “Letter To A Friend” is one of them, which almost has got a slight touch of folk rock in the melody. Steve Lee manages to lift the ballads well above most hard rock bands’ standard. I’ll say it’s pretty close to 4 out of 5 in the grading of this one, but I’ll settle for a three-and-a-half since some of the songs remind me a little of older songs. This is a very strong CD; a good variation in style and a first class production.

Tracklisting 1. Master Of Illusion
2. Gone To Far
3. Domino Effect
4. Falling
5. The Call
6. The Oscar Goes To...
7. The Cruiser
8. Heal Me
9. Letter To A Friend
10. Tomorrow´s Just Begun
11. Come Alive
12. Bad To The Bone
13. Now
14. Where Is Love When It´s Gone


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