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Toto - Turn Back

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 1981
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Westcoast
Producer: Geoff Workman & Toto
Artist discography


Time for a true Classic! TOTO has been my absolute favourite band for many years, so sure – this review will look more like a tribute. One thing, though, the always bugged me over the years, was the poor sound on the first CD releases of albums like “Hydra”, “Turn Back” and “Isolation”. But I recently got a recommendation from a colleague about getting some remastered TOTO albums from Japan. So, I bought two of them right away: “Hydra” and “Turn Back”. I will hereby start with “Turn Back”, since it is one of few truly overlooked releases by this fantastic band. This remastered version is released by Sony Japan with catalogue number MHCP 938. I can’t see why some westcoast fans hardly ever listen to this gem. This album may not have given TOTO that many big hits, but it’s a very pomp/AOR oriented album still waiting to be discovered by all AOR & Westcoast collectors. Yes, that’s right. Pomp or symphonic is the word. Both “Hydra” and “Turn Back” differs a lot from most TOTO albums with their symphonic arrangements and sounds. Try “Live For Today” for example. Hey, this is very much like I-TEN, or even prime time BRYAN ADAMS, although better. In “A Million Miles Away” it starts out with a soft verse and then slowly builds up until the first chorus. We’re talking dynamics! This is hardly ever noticed in bands from the 90’s or 2000’s. Well, TOTO is TOTO. No need to go through every single song here. You get the lovely up-tempo tune “Goodbye Elenore” followed by the moodful ballad “I think I could stand you forever” with its plinky keyboard/piano. The latter once again reminds me of I-TEN, so Tom Kelly and the All Stars in I-ten (some of which were the TOTO guys) probably listened a bit to TOTO… I also need to mention the title track “Turn Back”, a song for all fans of TRILLION, SPY or even LINK. A band with a ballad reputation certainly brings another ballad to finish off this gem. In its simpleness, “If it’s the last night” yet includes a lot of smartness in the arrangements – typical and vintage TOTO. It sounds easy and simple, but behind the curtain lies arrangements that normal musicians can’t even dream of. I’ll be getting back with more Classic AOR & Westcoast albums soon. Cheers for now.

Tracklisting 1. Gift With A Golden Gun
2. English Eyes
3. Live For Today
4. Million Miles Away
5. Goodbye Elenore
6. I Think I Could Stand You Forever
7. TurnBack
8. If It's The Last Night


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