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Mayday Parade - A Lesson In Romantics

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Fearless Records
Genre: Emo
Producer: Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount
Artist discography

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    Kaj wrote about Mayday Parades debut EP when it came out last year. They sold hugely of it (over 20000 on own hand) and was picked up by Fearless Records that now releases their first full length album. The band has a huge success on MySpace with over a million hits and they have all possibilities to get a hit with the album in the US. Their sound are all other than exciting and it is very mainstream, but you can’t take away that it is very well done. The album is produced by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount who’s been working with Cartel and All Time Low and the tracks were mixed by Mark Needham (My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is), and it is well written material. But I cannot nevertheless give more than 3 stars which mean good to the record as it doesn’t contain one second of new thinking and that is quite boring to be honest.

    Tracklisting 1. Jamie All Over - single
    2. Black Cat
    3. When I Get Home You're So Dead
    4. Jersey
    5. If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask
    6. Miserable At Best
    7. Walk On Water Or Drown
    8. Ocean And Atlantic
    9. I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About
    10. Take This To Heart
    11. Champagne's For Celebrating
    12. You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds


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