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Arbogast - Too Proud To STick To Winners

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Independent
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Svante Widerström
Artist discography


Arbogast is a Swedish band (or I should say a one man project from Svante Widerström) and we are talking about a retro-edged sort of rock with flirts from Stones, CCR and mixed with a more modern hardrock touch. There are a bunch of problems with the album though. First of all it is a problem that the song-material isn´t impressing at all. It´s just plain and simple writing without any nerve at all. And then you have the production and performance which is far from being on a high level. It feels more like a production from a basement where the band have put up a portable studio that have borrowed from another band in town. Sorry guys. This isn´t enough to grab my attention. The only thing that is good with it is the cover which is really cool.

Tracklisting 1. Labrador Man
2. Restless Dogs United
3. Flying the Flags
4. All the Time
5. Not Be Present
6. When the Taste of Water Stings
7. Abstract Destination
8. Soiled By Shadows of the Brave
9. Laugh or Die
10. Look At Yourself and Cry
11. Hiding
12. Universal Hitchike
13. Raining Stones


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