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Constantine Maroulis - Constantine

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: 6th Place Records
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Artist discography


American Idol. Swedish Idol. English Idol. Canadian Idol. Danish Idol… etc etc… It will probably soon be a competition called “the best performer on the moon” or something… Anyway – here is another guy from the huge IDOL-world who got a chance to release a CD and why do I waste your time to write about this album then? It’s because he got songs written by Angie Aparo and Rob Thomas among others. And it is well done in a typical radiofriendly format, he´s got a good voice and the album has some catchy pop-moments. He is like a young Billy Joel on a Bubblegum ride. Unnecessary music with other words.

Tracklisting 1. Unchained Melody


Melodic Net Comments 

Wow! What vocals! This is one cd you'll probably need two of. One for the car and one for the house. What I enjoy the most is the fact that every song is different. Most cd's have one sound and only the lyrics change (slightly). This is a very diverse cd and each song is definitely different from the other. You won't be disappointed.

A CD that has been well worth the wait. Constantine's vocals are beautiful. He demostrates an amazing ability to to capture the mood and emotion of songs from several genres. I can listen to him endlessly.

His voice takes on a character for each of his songs. Constantine is so incredibly versatile, I can't get enough of him!

I like it. Very diverse...REAL MUSIC

By far my favorite CD. There isn't a single song on it I would skip over. Each one is diverse and perfect in and of itself. A must have for your collection. Great job, Constantine!

I haven't taken Constantine's cd out of my cd player since I purchased it. I love the way each song is distinctly different from the others, unlike the majority of cd's out there today. This guy can sing any genre and sing it well, as evidenced on this cd.

I love it! There is something for everyone. Great, catchy tunes. Incredible voice. I could listen to it all day.


Ana Herrera
Constantine and his CD are #1! He has something for all tastes. My sister, who was not a big fan, listened to my copy of the CD and she loved it. She now has her own copy.

LOVE this CD - Constantine has an amazing voice and knows how to use it! The songs are diverse enough to keep my attention - where I usually grow bored listening to a whole CD because so many songs sound alike - My Favorites are 'My favorite T-shirt' and 'I thought it was something' Both are now on my Ipod in my dancing/exercising playlist via I-Tunes. Amazing Cd that I can listen to over and over - can't wait for the Tour ..

Sister - all the way! handsdown my favourite cut on the cd, but I enjoy it all. Constantine really proves here what all his fans knew all along - this boy can sing anything!

Loretta Pinnell
Constantine ROCKS!!!

Way to go Constantine. Great CD. Something for everyone.

Sweet Melissa
Easy on the ears with some great tunes!! Wish they would play more of it on the radio!

What a nice surprise! Love this CD.

I love this CD. It has something for everybody.

Christina W.
I stopped listening to the radio completely in 2002. Everything seemed like crap. I was only purchasing old CDs from When Constantine came along, it renewed my faith in new artists. He is versatile, extremely talented, has an amazing and beautiful voice, and is a wonderful, down-to-earth person besides. His multifaceted style is a breath of fresh air. I still think most radio sucks, but his CD is always in my car with me. He has me as a fan for life.

I LOVE THE CD!! Constantine always manages to take my breath away. Way to go Greek Boy!!

Love him, Love the cd.

love this cd......what Tams just said

I love this cd. Constantine has a very unique voice and many different kinds of songs on this cd. Love it and well worth the wait!!!

Constantine's CD is absolutely fantastic!!!!! So many beautiful and emotion filled songs...something for everybody!!!

This CD is fantastic.

Constantine has something for everyone and he sings all the songs beautifully! It hasn't left my car cd player since I bought it.

I love the CD. A great variety of music styles and his voice is wonderful. It was well worth the wait.

What a great listening experience. Upbeat tunes along with heartfelt ballads. Can't help but sing along with these songs. Constantine has a beautiful voice that he definitely shows off on this CD. I would like to see him sing these songs live. I've read that he is a fantastic performer live and Constantine has a way of connecting to the audience.

Chuck Walsh
I love this CD. It has a little bit of everything Hard rock. Screaming ballad. Hummable tunes. This is the White Album of 2007. Constantine wanted to show everyone that he can sing any style of music. A great Cd to blast in your car. Constantine is Da Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONSTANTINE deserves a 5-star rating for his great vocals, lyrics, and the wide variety of songs/music types he displays on his CD. Constantine has proven that he has what it takes to succeed, and will gain fans, and well as maintain his strong fan base. Way to go, Constantine!

It's the album of the yr!!!!

Loved Constantine on AI, and I love this cd. It's rare lately to find an album where all the songs do NOT sound the same. Will never tire of listening to it. Constantine seems to have an awesome band as well. I hear he sounds even better live!

This cd demonstrates that a singer can move between styles of music ranging from Billy Joel-like to Broadway with ease, comfort, and without singing a wrong note...if they possess the talent to do so! Constantine Maroulis is a remarkable talent!

I love "Constantine!" It encompasses everything I loved about Constantine Maroulis on American Idol. Every week, Constantine showed his diversity with his unique and challenging song choices. This CD is full of the same thing. From ballads to rock, there is something for everyone -- a song for every feeling. The hilite tracks for me are Fading Into You, Midnight Radio & So Long. I have another test for artists I enjoy. They MUST sound as good live as they do on their CD. Few do. Constantine most definitely does! He's as good as it gets!

bought 2 gave my sister one and we both love it my fave is girl like you and midnight radio but thay are all sooo constantine

I also love this CD...Fading into you is my favorite song on this CD..I have seen Constantine in concert and ladies...if he is in your area, run and catch his performance. He is such a cool guy and such a rocker and guess what he smiles all the time..on stage he is stage a little shy which we find endearing...I love most of his songs on this cd... Everybody loves is my least favorite....He is the best and if you loved on Idol please purchase his CD...he had a million posts on Idol come on all you Constantine fans support our guy.

I have this CD and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! There isn't a bad song on it. Honestly! Constantine is a phenomenal singer, and his voice just soars on this CD! More importantly, he sings just as fantastic LIVE! Not a whole lot of todays "artists" can say that! These songs are all catchy, and you'll find yourself playing them over and over again. Don't take the word of some music reviewer. Go out and buy it for yourself. You'll see that it really is a great CD, and you'll be glad that you bought it!

I absolutely love this CD. Great music. Constantine's voice soars and his band is made up of top notch musicians. Lots of good tunes on here. Something for every taste from upbeat rock songs, to pop ballads, even a Broadway type show tune. Constantine is the consumate performer and he's out to show the world that he doesn't have to stick to one genre. He wants to do it all and this CD shows that he definitely can!

Ever since I got this CD it has not left my CD player in my car and the songs that I already knew before buying are awesome and all the others are just incredible!!!! Some upbeat and some ballads! Something for everyone! AMAZING selection and the SONGS are UNFORGETABLE, BUY IT!!!! Warning you will be humming one or another of the tunes throughout the day!!! ADDICTIVE and ENTERTAINING!!!! Constantine you've done damn great!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the album! It has a little of everything so there's something for everyone! A song for every mood! Each song is sung with emotion and devotion. Constantine remained true to himself and produced an album that is different, fresh, and new!

I love this CD. I had some of my friends listen to it. They ran out and bought it and they cannot stop playing it. There are different styles of music on it from ballads to rock. Constantine has a fantastic voice and a great band backing him.

I enjoy every single one of the tracks on this CD! I loved Constantine's versatility on American Idol, and it is very apparent on his "Constantine" CD also. The variety of different styles of songs on this album is impressive. Constantine Maroulis is truly a virtuoso and shows the full range of his talent and musical interests on this CD. It's great to see that a few of the songs were penned by him too! My favorite songs so far are So Long, Fading Into You and Midnight Radio. However, I find myself singing along to each one of them.

Gil T.
I'm gonna have to say that the catchy tunes may be catchy but does that make them bad? I say no. Yes another Idol doing an album. But this is one that has artistic merit. He may have the pretty boy thing going for him but that didn't stop Elvis or the Beatles. Another positive to this album is that it is not another one of those cookie cutter pop albums. It is pop, but pop is supposed to be clean and fun. And Constantine is.

I love every song. My favorite is Midnight Radio but the others are wonderful to hear aswell. Each song brings such different emotions. Heaven Help The Lonely is so upbeat and uplifting. My Favorite Tshirt is so much fun and Fading Into You, Sister Sister and So Long are mesmorizing.

Love it! Every song. Constantine has a beautiful voice.

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