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Aftershocker - Born to Rock

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2007-02-20 Year: 2007
Label: Aftershocker
Genre: Rock
Producer: J.K. Northrup
Artist discography


Hard rocking 80´s Rock at its finest. Aftershocker independently release "Born To Rock." With a title like that, you know what your in for and what to expect. Think Paul Stanley vocals meets Justin Hawkins of The Darkness but with a little more flavor and a little less falsetto. This is pure Classic Rock and nothing else.

This album should have been released in 1988, which is what we need more of these days. Now, I am a big fan of 80´s rock and we are lacking as of late. This band can write a good solid rock tune. My favorites on the album are "Nasty Nancy", "Bon”"and track 3 notably titled "Three." Now Track 3 gives us the more ballad-type rock song on the album. The best way I can describe the music is "Motorcycle Rock." You probably thinking, "what in the world does that mean?" Well to me, its music that you get all the drunks in the bar at the end of the night singing along to. These songs are catchy and very cool sing along type songs. Especially in the track "Roommates Girlfriend." It’s a cool refresher for me.

"Same Song" is a good rocker with a piano intro that kicks into the 80’s lead backed by a cool slick rhythm tone. "Bon" is actually my favorite on the record. What a good tune. Check it out. The closer of the album is "Ballad of The Beast." The title fits the song perfectly, as it is a ballad but with a little twist. A deeper vocal arrangement sets it to be the end closer.

The band consists of Matthew Cooley providing the lead vocals, Dylan Haas plays rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Dave Marchand shreds on lead guitar, Chris Choate plays the bass, Josh Rau handles many instruments including the accordion, harmonica, keyboard, and saxophone, and Ralph Patterson III supplies the backbone of the drums.

With a little help on songwriting I think this group could be a pretty cool band out there today. Yes, because of the style I think they may struggle a little bit because it seems like everything nowadays is Emo or Pop based. The market is not too high for these kinds of bands, which sucks but hey that’s a fad for ya. If these guys stick to it and get interest from a label that could be a pretty sweet addition to an indie or even major label. It´s definitely worth checking out in my book.

Tracklisting 1. Nasty Nancy
2. Self Delusion
3. Three
4. Hard
5. The Next Step
6. My Roommate's Girlfriend (Alana)
7. Song For A Friend
8. Same Song
9. Born To Rock
10. Symptoms
11. BON
12. Ballad Of The Beast


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