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OneRepublic - Dreaming Out Loud

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2007-11-20 Year: 2007
Label: Interscope/ Mosley Music
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: Greg Wells & Timbaland
Artist discography


So being the artist of the week this week, I felt i had to say some words about this artist that you may have heard crushing the Pop charts with their single "Apologize" featuring a mix by Timbaland. this band is called One Republic and if you havent heard of them yet, well if you own a radio then your not listening to it that much. Now if you like me and the only time your radio is on is when your switching CDs then you may have missed it. A lot of people now this band from that one song but there is more to learn about the group after hearing the CD. Now i have heard some of the music but couldnt stand the quality of the tracks I heard so I went out and purchased the album myself because i knew from what I heard, I wouldnt be disappointed.

Sure enough from the beginning of the pop produced drums that come in from track one and the clarity that is lost if you have been listening to it online, i was blown away at the talent these guys posses. The record actually reminds me a bit of the band The Fray in the indie rockers with piano and just great songwriting. Many hits are on the CD, so they shouldnt have a hard time following up the hit with another. Now on the album you will get the original mix of "Apologize" and the NOT LISTED Timbaland mix, so if you dont see if on the back it Track 13, just so you know. I am more of a fan of the original but its very cool they included both mixes.

"Stop and Stare" could be the next hit off the record, as they show their catchy pop rock display with amazing musicianship and vocals with power you know this guy can belt those notes live. "Tyrant" is another track on the record that should catch you as it did me. "Prodigal" is the slow number on the record that displays the true power of singer Ryan Tedders amazing decadent soulful voice. The power that eludes from this mans lungs can ignite you stereo.

Now I know in my last review i said that this year wasnt the greatest in rock, I think someone had heard me up there cause actually these past 2 weeks have crushed with great albums. Just in time for the holidays I guess. The album is full of rockers, piano ballads, and folk styles and radio hits one after another, displaying what this band is all about. Its good to see alums like this now, and not just one good song and the rest are either totally different or just not as good. So do not be scared, You know you like the song on the radio go out and get yourself a well spent 10 bucks or well 8 bucks at Best Buy.

Tracklisting 1. Say (All I Need)
2. Mercy
3. Stop And Stare
4. Apologize
5. Goodbye, Apathy
6. All Fall Down
7. Tyrant
8. Prodigal
9. Won't Stop
10. All We Are
11. Someone To Save You
12. Come Home
13. Apologize


Melodic Net Comments 

Ace album,good group.

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