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Rosannas Riders - Fire From Heaven The Collective Works

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Retroactive
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Retroactive Records is a label that releases Christian albums and its a label that I haven’t heard about before.
I got a package with a couple of albums from them with nice music. Here we have a female fronted AOR/Rock band called Rosanna’s Riders that are professional musicians that hails from Australia. This is a double-CD with not only 2 but 3 albums with 31 songs with a price of one CD and also digitally remastered.

The albums I´m talking about is Calling Down Fire (1987) and Clothed In Fire (1988) on disc one, both originally on Pure Metal Records.
On the 2nd disc you’ll find the extremely collectible and previously impossible to find 1985 indie release called We Are Raiders.
The albums don’t hold the highest quality but every album has a few standout tracks and I could easily put together a strong Best Of from these 3 albums.

Soundwise I would say that this is a nice mixture of early 80s Pat Benatar and Heart in their best moments. Some of the songs are a bit poppy and average that don’t have memorable choruses.
Songs that are worth mention are the Serve Someone that rocks good with great riffs, So Far Away sounds like Heart at the peak with strong melodies.
Breakaway is a strong AOR-rocker that reminds a lot of Pat Benatar. During the song Blind Eyes I was thinking of Fiona and her debut album and it has a catchy chorus.
Crazy World is a fantastic mid-tempo rocker with brilliant melodies and hooks in the best Heart style. The singer and guitarist Rosanna Palmer stands behind most songs with a nice result. There’s also a bonus track called One Man that only has been on the compilation Modification. To grade the album one by one I would say that Calling Down Fire would get 3 stars, Clothed In Fire 3.5 and We Are Raiders 2,5 so the final grade will be 3 stars. So you will get a lot of music with this release and there’s really nice moments on Fire From Heaven.
Fans of Pat Benatar and Heart check this out. Not bad at all.


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