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Tantric - The End Begins

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2008-04-22
Label: Silent Majority Group
Genre: Post Grunge
Producer: Toby Wright
Artist discography


A proven fact at this point, a bands third album will make or break them. After a disappointing second album, singer Hugo Ferreira returns, but this time with a whole new band lineup. During this recording process, the band saw the departure of guitarist Todd Whitener, bassist Jesse Vest, and drummer Matt Taul who were formerly of the band Days of The New. The guys were replaced by Kevin Miller (ex-FUEL) a hard-hitting drummer and a human metronome, with the experience of being in a multi platinum band on his side, Joe Pessia, an intricate, detailed player really internalizes the guitar parts and puts this incredible spin on them, Erik Leonhardt, a great bass player and a great singer, he makes the harmonies in the songs pop, and a most unusual. The band comes back strong with this third release and redefines the sound of Tantric with all the elements that we know and love from the band with a fresh new vibe and full on eager attitude.

The album opens with the cool guitar delay of Regret, which kicks in to the new Tantric sound and paints the canvas for the rest of the colorful album. Following the album opener is the hard hitting and almost Skillet-like song called Down and Out. This song has that fresh attitude that the other album lacked and really heavy guitar work. The haunting hook filled violin intro by the new addition of classically trained violin player, Marcus Ratzenboeck opens this track up to a heavy kick in and roaring vocal display that accompanies the hard-hitting distorted guitars. The song The One, starts with an eerie piano and journeys back to the days of the debut. The song offers the ever so unusual vocal display that is the hook of the song and brings the new harmonized guest vocals by Kevin Martin of label mates Candlebox, over a sweeping melody anchored by keyboard and guitar alike. The vocals in this song are amazing and bring new life to the music adding to the already southern feel of the music. Martin carries the front of the verses with this one and shows what a powerful voice he has as well which offsets Hugo’s deep darker baritone. This tune is radio ready as well and will show promise to all fans awaiting this album.

The album also includes the slower ballads the band has been made popular by tracks like Mourning and Breakdown. Love Song follows with the more moderate tempo sounding Tantric that offers delightful vocals, hooks and an acoustic driven moderate ballad. Like this one, a lot of sounds are nicely polished and ready for the mainstream. The song Wishing is a track that stands out to me and has radio written all over it. The hooks in this song are filled with passion, soaring music and building tension to a melodic emotion filled chorus. Another standout track is the song, Why Don’t You which features an almost Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe mixed with a southern almost country-ish guitar work, which is more reminiscent to the second release but also a new addition to the sound of the group. The mix of acoustic guitars is still prominent in the sound of the song and the record. Hugo and the gang use what worked for him on the Tantric debut and even though the 3 other members weren’t on that album, they continue to fill the hooks and power within this record as one of the strongest Tantric records to date.

This album will not disappoint any Tantric fan as it accumulates all the sounds you know by the band also with new and fresh faces adding to the eagerness of the group. The best thing that could have happened is the re-recording of the music and addition of Toby Wright handling production duties just like the debut. With this top production and hook filled layout, this will bring a new light to Tantric in 2008. Well done. Go get it when it hits store shelves in April 2008.

Tracklisting 1. Regret
2. Down And Out
3. The One - Clean
4. Love Song
5. Wishing
6. Something Better
7. Lucky One
8. The End Begins
9. Monopoly - Clean
10. Why Don't You
11. Lay


Melodic Net Comments 

It's amazing! I like this album very much!

Sir Sever
Absolutely their best album. Lay is my choice for song of the year thus far.

had a listen to this album... it is definitly tantric there is no mistaking the vocal. the music is a much more fuller sound than their older stuff.. very more mature sound. all in all a very good album. IMO this is their best album yet.

This album is so fresh! Finally something new and different in the evolution of rock! The violins are very unexpected but work so well as a counterweight to the heavy guitar work, yet they still sound hard! Kudos for the bold move....

Nightlife Lover
I LOVE LOVE this album!!

would be better without the violin.


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