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Burn - Global Warming

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: Formula One
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


Finally the new Burn album gets a release outside UK because Global Warning was already released last May in UK but now you get the chance to get yourself a copy of this fantastic album.
I did a review last year of this album but I had to wait with it and I lost the review somewhere so here comes a new one.

It has taken these UK rockers 12 years to follow up their Spark To A Flame album from 1995. This is their 3rd album and I must say this is far their best album to date filled with amazing melodic hardrock with tougher AOR influences and the songs are hookladen and the melodies are pure magic.
I got this album on my top-4 last year and if you´re into Treat, Jaded Heart, Gotthard and Harem Scarem (Mood Swings)- then this must be in your collection.
The album contains 11 tracks and you won’t find many boring moments because it’s filled with quality music through the whole album and you don’t get many albums that can provide that standard.

Just listen to the start of the album and if you´re not hooked then I don’t know what you should listen to. Shadow Of The Satellites is a brilliant rocker with groove riffs and outstanding melodies with awesome keyboards after the 2nd chorus, this is so damn classic POMP moment.
Dangerous Times is a mixture of Thunder and Harem Scarem at the peak with fantastic riffs and a damn catchy chorus, just turn up your speakers and enjoy. Keyboard pomp can be heard on Down In Flames, just listen to the start of this song and don’t say that this song don’t sound huge.
Yes, this is song is pure magic with powerful harmony vocals and a chorus filled with strong hooklines.

The singer Jeff Odgen has a powerful and strong voice that gives these songs even more power. Made That Way is another rocker with fantastic guitars that made me think of Little Angels with more power. Pray For Rain starts very balladish but turns out to a rocker in the chorus and this song has nice keyboards/piano sound.
Give Me Tonight ends this absolutely stunning album in a superb way with a AORish chorus filled with big hooklines and wonderful melodies. This is an album that every melodic music lover should have in their homes and I just hope that it won’t take another 12 years to follow up this monsters album. This band should interest the people at Sweden Rock Festival, how huge would this sound live? Marc Stockhouse, Jeff Ogden, Phil Hammond, Benjy Reid, Barney Stockhouse and Julian Nicholas thanks for the brilliant album and I almost forgot to mention the crystal clear production.


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