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Chad Overman - Sunday Man

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2007-02-14
Label: Catapult
Genre: Christian Pop
Artist discography


Nashville based singer/songwriter Chad Overman likes to mix styles on his debut album "Sunday man".
You will find elements of midwest rock, country, soul and pop which is kinda confusing because I donĀ“t really know on which foot Chad is standing soundwise.
There are moments when I think of Chad as Ben Folds on guitar but on other songs he sounds like a mix between Simon and Garfunkel and Maroon 5.
The album is well produced and Chad has a gentle voice, when the music goes in the midwest rock direction my thoughts go to artists like Aaron Spiro and Jake Smith.
The pop punk of "Stephen" feels rather misplaced here just like the country pop of "The journey", I think Chad should go for the style in great songs like "Anticipation" and "Winter" which might be typical christian rock in the vein of Stephen Curtis Chapman but it suits him better.
This is not a boring album, just uneven.

Tracklisting 1. Drop the Reins
2. Follow the Sun
3. The Journey
4. Anticipation
5. Winter
6. Stephen
7. Too Much for Me
8. Ashes of Lee
9. Runaway Train
10. Get Better!
11. Something
12. Heavensent


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