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H.E.A.T - H.E.A.T.

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2008-04-28 Year: 2008
Label: StormVox Records
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


For those that have missed that Swedish latest AOR sensations H.e.a.t has competed in the Swedish qualifications for the European Song Contest Finals in Russia with the song 1000 Miles the record company has released a new version of their debut album with that song included. So here is my review from last year plus some notes of the new song.

When you see band names like Giant, Honeymoon Suite and Red Dawn I know many AOR lovers gets excited and now we have a new band that can be compared with those fantastic bands.
YES, H.E.A.T is a new AOR sensation from Sweden that has recorded a stunning debut album that’s filled with awesome songs that left me speechless.
I was in chock after I listened to this album for the first time and I can say that I haven’t heard a good album like this for many years and this is one has it all.

These guys won the Musik Direkt (earlier called Rock-SM) in 2004 the same competition that Europe won in 1982. Now they have been signed to the Swedish actor Peter Stormare´s label StormVox and will have their debut album released.
They also opened up for TOTO, Hanoi Rocks and will open up for Alice Cooper and stand on stage at the Sweden Rock Festival later this year.

This 6-piece band has a sound that lies very close to Giant, Honeymoon Suite, Boulevard, Red Dawn and the harmonies reminds of Def Leppard. The twin guitars gives the album a huge sound and sounds similar to Dann Huffs guitar work on the Giant albums and the fluffy keyboards lies in the background just perfect.
The singer Kenny Leckermo has one the best voices I have heard in Sweden for a long time and sounds like Dann Huff (Giant) meets Larry Baud (Red Dawn).
The album is brilliant from the first song to the last and you won’t find a single boring moment.

It starts with There For You that takes you on a ride in the Canadian AOR-world and this is Honeymoon Suite meets Boulevard at their peak. Just listen to the awesome melodies and the fantastic chorus and the wonderful keyboard sound, this is pure magic.
If you dig this then I can say that there’s more to come.
Never Let Go is a pompish AOR-rocker in the same lane as Rox Diamond and Red Dawn that’s filled with a huge chorus with strong background vocals and listen when Kenny screams his lungs out.
Who need Giant when you hear a song like Late Nite Lady? This is like Giant on their Time To Burn album, classy stuff and the chorus is a winner.

The fantastic guitar intro opens up Keep On Dreaming that includes some stunning keyboard work and the chorus is absolutely outstanding with catchy hooks and wonderful harmonies and the guys in Giant would have been proud to have written a song like this. Follow Me is a true AOR-ballad with strong melodies and in the best Giant way with huge background vocals.
Straight For Your Heart is pure AOR-heaven with an excellent chorus and this song reminds of Honeymoon Suite.

The keyboards and melodies are so right on the mid-tempo rocker Cry and listen to the outstanding vocals from Mr. Leckermo and look out for the big scream after the 3rd chorus that’s something extra, it gave me goosebumps. Feel It Again and You’re Lying is prime time Giant and I could not believe my ears how they can sound so much Giant. This is AOR by the numbers. I think by now you might know that this is a stunning album and I won’t go on and write about every song but they are all great.

The production is also so damn tight and crystal clear so you just have to buy this album and sit back and enjoy the ride. Best album of 2008 has been released by H.E.A.T and I don’t know what can beat this one? This is a huge monster freaking absolute stunning album and it don’t get better that this. As I said earlier I can’t remember when I heard this good album. So get your money ready for this album when it’s released in late April.
How can these guys follow up this album because you can’t do much better albums than this. Fantastic work guys and now I´m looking forward to see you at the Sweden Rock Festival.

The new song 1000 Miles is an amazing rocker with big hooklines and an amazing chorus. This song was written for The Poodles but Heat got the chance to compete with this song. This band just continues to deliver outstanding songs and if you don´t own this album already then 1000 Miles is another reason to buy it. This is a song that runs in my head over and over again. If you got the album then buy the single.

Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. There for You
3. Never Let Go
4. Late Nite Lady
5. Keep On Dreaming
6. Follow Me
7. Straight for Your Heart
8. Cry
9. Feel It Again
10. Straight Up
11. Bring the Stars
12. You're Lying
13. Feel the Heat


Melodic Net Comments 

SPETTACOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Meravigliosi..........w l'hard rock........

Really really great album!! Amazing! Buy or listen to this album now!

E N O R M E !!! H.E.A.T le must du moment !!! Que des hits ... que du bonheur !

I heard about them from a close friend, so i logged on to Spotify and added the album to my playlist. And now 24 hours later, here i sit stunned with this magnificent album!!!! Sometimes i'm proud to be a swede. ;)

I have to agree. This is really awesome. But I think much of the thrill lies in the vocal chords of Kenny Leckermo, what an amazing singer! He lifts the songs at least two pinnacles for me!

Wow...this is amazing! Definitely best of 2008!

PG (Sweden)
I just realized the 2 tracks from their former band "Trading Fate" has been removed from the site.

PG (Sweden)
Amazing album. When I first heard a couple of tracks from their debute album I couldn't wait to get ahold of a copy. For those who is intrerested you can listen to 5 tracks from their debute album at + 2 tracks from some of the band members former band "Trading Fate".

Marcio Tex
Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! guy, i miss music like that!! amazing!!amazing!!amazing!!amazing!! no doubt, the best album in 2008!! Marcio Tex from Brazil

Sensacional! Grande cd! Inclusive já comprei o meu cd original! Marcelo/Brazil

Erik Dahlin
I've only heard the seven demo songs and I'm already addicted to this band. Saw them as opening act for Hanoi Rocks and had to force myself not to cry. H.E.A.T. plays perfect AOR - it's high pich melodic with much power at the same time. Wonderful vocals, guitars, keybords and rythm section. They are also very good live and they are young and hungry. Nuff said, the best band in the world right now is H.E.A.T. from sweden.

I totally agree with the review. My favourite is Follow Me, I get goosebumps all over while listening.

the fifth rating woulda been bring the stars =(

listen on spotify