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X-Sinner - Fire it up

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: Retroactive
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


X-Sinner released their AC/DC influenced debut album in 1989 and followed that with Peace Treaty two years later.
Peace Treaty has been long out print and after many years of silence they wanted to re-release the album but some legal affairs came in the way so they guys re-recorded the whole album and gave it the new title Fire It Up.
The start of the album did not impress me that much and the AC/DC sounding rockers Fire It Up, I Take Power and Gotta Let Go sounds like weaker AC/DC songs.

But after the weak start things start to happen and they deliver some great melodic hardrock songs in the same style as Def Leppard did on their On Through The Night and High ´n Dry albums. The harmony vocals sounds very close to the Leppards and the songs got great hooklines. I won’t say that they have as good choruses that Def Leppard has on their albums but a couple of songs rocks really good.

Just listen to the brilliant Rollin Thunder that rocks big time and sounds like a hungry Def Leppard. The mid-tempo rocker Don’t Go is great with nice harmonies and listen to the fantastic guitarwork.
You Got Me a up-tempo rocker with powerful background vocals and this is like Def Leppard at their peak, great song.
This is an album that has it moments and if you miss the sound Def Leppard had on their early days with some hints of AC/DC - should give this band a chance. The sound of the album is really good and there’s some Mutt Lange feel over it here and there. X-Sinner has now officially reunited and are recording a brand new studio album. A very nice album.


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