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Soundtrack - Queen of the damned

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Warner Music
Genre: Rock
Producer: Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs
Artist discography


Do you like the new Korn album? The music on this soundtrack is produced and written by the Korn man Jonathan Davis but performed by other numetal and industrial rock bands. It is very powerful and a well trained Korn ear can hear Davis involvement in the production. Imagine a vampire who wants to play hard rock,then you get a bunch of horror tracks done by big strong dudes with hair on their chests. I haven?t seen the movie but I believe it?s rather crappy from the reviews I?ve read. Now to the music instead,it?s interesting with the fact that David Draiman from the xtreme hard Disturbed is behind the strongest song on the album. "Forsaken" is it called and can scare away the cats around your house,my god what a nuclear plant of a tune.....I just want to say -Manowar! Go to bed! The band Disturbed also rocks with their typical sound on "Down with the sickness". Papa Roach and Marilyn Manson are on the soundtrack as well, Manson is quite busy these days when he?s also involved in the making of the mus c to the sound track of "Resident Evil". New upcoming bands Dry Cell and Earshot has one song each here but they are both on their debutalbums. I was a bit dissapointed with the singer from Linkin Park, Chester Bennington on the tune "System" coz I felt he was screaming his way through the song when he is a good singer. Hearing Deftones playing "Change" brings back memories to another vampire movie "Lost boys",the harmonies are spooky familiar. Another good tune to mention is"Slept so long" by Jay Gordon from Orgy but the favorites(with David Draimans-Forsaken)are the songs by Static X - "Cold" and Static X frontman Wayne Static - "Not meant for me" which echoes out Korn?s brutal killing machine rock! This soundtrack walks all over "Scorpion King" and "Resident Evil" which is in the same genre of modern metal.


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