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Daughtry - Baptized

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2013-11-15
Label: RCA
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Martin Johnson, Rock Mafia, busbee
Artist discography


Think that Daughtry got better and better with each release. However, this applies only up to his previous album, Break The Spell as his latest Babtized is a minor disaster. The first single "Waiting for Superman" gave an indication of what was to come with a much more technical and danceable production than before. Having previously really liked his clean arena rock with big melodies so naturally believe that this is the wrong way to go. He might want to move towards a more "modern" sound, but trying to sound like OneRepublic will just make him lose plenty of fans.
Sure there are some good tracks on this fourth album as "The World We Knew", "High Above the Ground" and "Wild Heart”. But when he sings "Boom Boom Boom" in "Battleships" I'm very close to turn off the stereo. Maybe he will be saved from a fiasco by second single "Love Ling Rock & Roll, which is charming and has potential.
But overall, this is clearly his worst album and this year's biggest disappointments by far.

Tracklisting 1. Baptized
2. Waiting for Superman
3. Battleships
4. I'll Fight
5. Wild Heart
6. Long Live Rock & Roll
7. The World We Knew
8. High Above the Ground
9. Broken Arrows
10. Witness
11. Traitor
12. 18 Years


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